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It's time!

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Time for a new adventure!! \o/

Which starter is your favorite? I'm leaning towards Sobble - such a sweet little guy.. he reminds me of a water-based chameleon? Looking forward to seeing what these guys look like once they've grown up!

Thanks for viewing! =)

Thank you very much TsaoShin for the surprise DD feature! Can't wait for Gen 8!! >v</

Grookey; Scorbunny; Sobble © Game Freak
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man i cant wait for the direct, i need to know more info on these babies
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This would be an awesome poster
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I'm usually not into super bright colors but I love these ones so much! Great job and congrats on the DD!
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Aww, well thank you! I'm still experimenting with colors when I can.. it's so addicting, ahaha! ^^/
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Sooooo colorful!
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Congrats on the DD!
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Thank you so much! =)
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Well, if anything the previous generations showed us the Fighter, Mage, Thief line the starters seem to be using lately.

if the trend is going to continue we’ll have Grookey (Mage), Scorbunny (Thief) And Sobble (Fighter). I have a few on what they’ll evolve, but that’s another time.
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Yup, I like your theory - We'll see what happens!
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I’m certain Grookey is going to be a Mage like a Shaman or Nymph. (Think the Apollo/Daphne myth.)

Scorbunny is definitely a Thief. Although I can’t guarantee it’ll evolve into a Fire/Fighting.

I have a good hunch that Sobble would be based of a warrior monk.

But again, speculation. Who knows what’s going to happen.
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Beautiful ilustration😍
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You're welcome! :love:
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this is very Nice thanks! 
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This picture you've done of the three new starter Pokémon that will be appearing in the new games looks quite nice and stylish for sure, and I will more than likely be able to choose Sobble as my starter due to it being a Water-type Pokémon, even if it isn't quite as cute as Scorbunny and/or Grookey. :D
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Sobble is such a cutie, it immediately caught my eye! I hope it gets a fun evolution! =)

Thanks for viewing!
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You're welcome, and please feel free to check out my gallery and profile in return as well! :wave:
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The colors look so good!! :D currently on team scorbunny
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