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Ryan Ford

"I have never thought much of artists who draw pictures of themselves, as I have always considered it rather egotistical and vain, but perhaps I should do it just this once. I look at my reflection in the water, feeling rather foolish. I have never really considered my own appearance, and so studying my own features this way is strange to me. I gaze at resolute, blue eyes as clear as the river water as my hand moves on the paper. My hair is untidy, almost reaching to my shoulders now in a tangled, dirty mess. A few female colleagues always described the color as dirty-blonde, and I suppose they weren’t too far from the truth, though now it looks more like a stack of muddy hay over the tarnished bronze of my skin.

The pen strokes the bridge of a narrow nose, slightly crinkled with the crooked grin that flashes across strong features. The scratches of the pen formed the face of a man who was confident, content with himself and his life, a man who I thought had died along with my friend. I find myself grinning along with the face I had drawn, and it’s as if a large weight has been lifted. Just like the collar and the scar had taken away my freedom, my individuality, I have won it back by drawing myself as a free man, content…"
- Dr. Ryan Ford, PhD in Artificial Biology.


Yay! We have the official main character in the book I am writing! The scanner completely ruined the sketch (curse the reflective properties of pencil!) so I tried to make it look like one of Ryan's ink sketches. Normally he would do a rough sketch kinda like this with pen, then fill it in with watercolor, but I couldn't manage to make it look like watercolor, so meh, I left it like this.

Aanyway, I am kinda sorta happy with this, and I'm only kinda sorta happy because I know his chin is making his whole face look crooked and one eye is too small, but ah well. His hair color is also bothering me, and I have discovered it is really really hard to get blonde hair to actually look like blonde hair, especially to make it look right on someone with tanned skin lie Ryan's. I'll most likely tweak with it a bit more in the future until i'm happy with it...But for my first time ever drawing a human face it's not too bad. And I mean very first time, I've been too scared to even try to scribble a human face before, so the fact that Ryan turned out so well is shocking. (He can be quite persuasive, and I couldn't resist drawing him :))

Ah yes! I think maybe a character profile is in order...interview time!

Me: Your name sir?
Ryan: You are quite aware what my name is, but I shall humor you for the present. Ryan Henry Ford.
Me: Ok! Tell us a little about yourself please.
Ryan: That is a very general question, would you be more precise?
Me: Okay, What is your career then?
Ryan: I have a PhD. in Artificial Biology and I am currently the head of the Department of Biosynthetic Research. I do research on biosynthetic species in the field, recording the animal's behavior and comparing them to other species. I also work part time as a professor at the Gaia Research Institution, and I have written and published several books, including the universally acclaimed Field Guide to Biosynthetic Species.
Me: Wow, it sounds like you have a very successful life.
Ryan: (scoffs at himself, a wry smile on his lips) Yes, I suppose so...(he rubs the gold ring on his finger)
Me: What about your family? How is your wife?
Ryan: She is doing well, I hear she has grown quite successful on the lunar habitat.
Me: Really? What is she doing there?
Ryan: I'm not certain, and that information is too personal.
Me: Sorry, so I hear you're going to Africa?
Ryan: Yes, to research rumors of the sightings of a particular species. It should be an interesting experience.
Me: Ah yes, no telling what you will find there since the continent has been abandoned for centuries.
Ryan: That is something I shall look forward to...(He flashes a crooked grin, and the interview has ended...)

Ryan is of course copyrite to me! :)

Thank you for viewing, I appreciate any comments or favs. :)
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