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I was searching for images of this topic "Caraballo Mountain" then I stumbled on one my own deviations. Sadly I saw my own deviation being used in a website about "travel guides/tours". Its exactly the same as my deviation/photo, and I know its my own shot/property. Using my own deviation without permission -_- that's the issue here. So this is how it feels like when someone else use your things without proper authority. Anyway I have bookmarked the website, that's what I can do for now. =(.
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Ohhh, how should one go about it?! D": Even I don't know what to do if that happened... Hmmm, maybe you could report it?? Or message the site owners??? ._. I don't really know much about all that D:
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Thanks for the suggestions. -_- diz is the first time it happened to me so I'm kinda upset about it. I'm going to study the site first then proceed to other actions after that. =) 
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Haha! Tell me what happens! :O I'm curious! Goodluck! >.<