RATED PG BATTLE (A devotion for teachers)

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The world of "teaching", is not an easy job. It's a ministry with its own ups and downs, highs and lows. It is a battle, yet the word of God reminds us that we are not alone in the teaching battle. Here's a text from the book of Joshua. Hope you find inspiration from it. 

Rated PG Battle
(Joshua 1-11)


1. PGProvision from God
    -Provision (act or process of supplying or providing something)
    -Joshua 10:10, 11, 13- In these texts, Joshua got his provision from God.
    -In the teaching battle, where do we get our provision?
    -The best provision comes from God 
2. PGProcedure from God
Joshua’s directions were all from God
    -Procedure (way of doing things)
    -In the teaching battle, where do we get our procedures?
    -Inquiry of procedure from God (Joshua 9:14). You need to inquire for God's procedure so that we will not be misguided.
3. PG= Plan of God
God has a battle plan for Joshua (Joshua 8)
    -What is your plan in the teaching battle?
    -In the end, God’s plan will always prevail.
4. PG=Purpose from God
God’s purpose for Joshua’s battle is to lead the Israelite people into the promised land.
    -What is your purpose in the teaching battle?
    -The teaching battle is not ours alone, God is with us. (Joshua 6:27)

Devotion by: ©J8MDS June 1, 2016

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