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Mega Electivire

This's another one for Pokemon Astral far I only helped them twice. Again~I think they haven't planned the stats yet~so I make my own one.

Ability: Galvanize

Stats: 640
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Wow, this design takes on such a cool evoloution to Electivire's original one. I really appreciate how well you blended the natural-looking anatomy with the synthetic plugs to make for one killer design. It's like that black and yellow color scheme is now fully representing the "Danger!" that it was always meant to. Can I humbly request to use this handsome lad in a fangame that I may develop? (or maye not, I have to find the time to put it together lol). Obviously you will recieve all the credit you deserve for this awsome design.

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I guess you can~I've received several similar requests and thank you for the awesome comment!

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Definitely need to see this and Mega Magmortar at some point.
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Maybe a sinnoh remake first xd
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Looks more like an Electric-Dragon to me
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Probably because of the horns?
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Actually it's more because of the face and mouth 
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Nuff said...
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i just played a fan-made game and saw it.
i needed to see it full form.
love the design!!!!
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Which fan-game?
can't remember, I downloaded a lot of them when pokemon essentials was shoutdown.
but seriously your art is amazing!!!
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.... Omg. That is... SO COOL! It outclasses any mega I've seen in my life. Usually megas look too busy looking and i don't like the digimon idea BUT THIS ONE! You took electivire and gave him steroids and dinosaur DNA. This is one of the best fakemon I've ever. I can't explain the details in its design because it is too good and my comment would be 69 lines long. Looking at this thing is so satisfying. I want to marry it. OK maybe not. It's dark type! I love how creature like Pokemon don't have dragon type idk why but it just makes it more unique because dragon type is overused and expected, you know?
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Appreciate your words indeed~there's quite a lot to reply~^^
Compare to the mega mechanism~I as an artist care more about the rules behind and between theos designs~some make me feel like real evlolutions as they should have been~some clearly tell me they're just upgrades that don't change the original body shapes too much~and some...are like exceptions...

I didn't really have any dragon or dinosaur related thoughts while I was designing it~if you're talking about the horns~I was meant for more like an "Oni"
I saw some people say it might look too different from the original Electivire~maybe it's because of the plug arms~it does make some sense~those were meant to re-represent the plug feature from Elekid~and mostly I know it would probably look cool~but now I would also take it as a part I did wrong~So~sorry if you like it so much~
Back then~it's mainly made for another dead project~it's sometimes Electric/Fighting as well~but now I really don't care~don't know if it will appear on some fan games in the future.

And~about the dragon type~this does explain why I don't see you comment on mega Hydreigon~XD
Exactly due to the reason that dragon is overused and expected~so for dragons you have to be very unique to catch my attention. Thus at least it's my explaination of why I sometimes also feel other not-dragon beasts are much interesting~but overall I still like dragons in general.

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Oh wow  I didn't expect a reply. To be honest I never saw your "mega hydriegon" so I'll look for it and I'll be sure it looks great. About the dragon thing, I do like dragon types, I just think the type is over used and I am sure your dragons look great. Oh yeah I explained it really badly O_o

I don't think your mega electivire looks too different from its original counter part. If I saw that for the first time, I would know it was part electivire. Btw the plug arms look great. I draw fakemon myself but I do it on paper and I don't have a graphics tablet and I'm meh at art so I don't post anything.

Ps: I'll check out your your hydriegon like I said.
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I will still do the rough sketches on paper from time to time when I feel like doing so~
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Really cool design, but I'd say it looks too different to work as a mega.
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yeah~you're probably right~
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Love this mega design of my all-time favorite pokémon! :squee: Totally badass!!
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You're very welcome!
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I love the skull-like pattern on its claws!
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Haha~half skull half plug I guess~XD
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Ohh my gosh, if Electivire had this mega I'd have to train one immediately.
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