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Fun with alchemy: part Deux

By J4sonH4n
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Before you go and say how shitty this is, this was done in alchemy.

Essentially alchemy is a project where it randomizes shapes for you and essentially, u export them and draw on top of them depending on what you think u see.

Kinda like a Rorschach painting ( ink blot test)

Its pretty neat! If you want to get info on it and download it goto this link!

If you want samples you can try yourself w/o out downloading the program, check my blog for samples I already made


Now, onto the description on the work:
U might say this can be an ode to popbot.
The main character looks like bambalad and its kinda fighting robots.

I'll work on the constrast and the details a more and post the finals later on. Maybe If i feel like it, i'll colorize it too.

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I really love this, especially the hooded kid in the center. Solid, iconic design. He deserves his own game or comic or something.
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Is it free? I 've been thinking about downloading it for a while, but I didn't know if there was a price tag attached to it.
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It should still be free. I haven't checked recently.
Here's the direct link to it if you want to download it and try it out
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Alrighty, thank you so much. ^^
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no problemo! have fun with it and show me something cool if you decide to do anything with it.
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Alrighty. ^^ I'm actually working on something right now. I'll post it soon (hopefully :D).
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hey!!!very nice pic!!
Can you send me the link to download alchemy..because iam recherching him on net to download it but...bad lock!!
keep going!!!
really enjoy
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Heres the download page!
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Nice Work Dude, pretty imaginitive on how you used each part of the certain aspect of the work you produced in Alchemy.
Im trying to finish my concept work using Photoshop, Alchemy and my crappy A5 tablet. :disbelief:
Anyway, i will let you know once i finished it. :D
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Yeah! Be sure to hook me UP once you finished your stuff!

ALchemy is such an awesome program for when your bored and wanna make something.
Its awesome-ness is even more awesome because its free too :p

Is A5 one of those bamboo tablets? I haven't tried those yet. I used to work on a graphire and those things were baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

I havent been drawing much but once I finish this doodle I started w/ alchemy, I'll be sure to hit you up! If you need any help or pointers, feel free to give me a ring anytime
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this is pretty nifty. i love the idea of this alchemy thingy. way to read some cool stuff into those random shapes!
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Hey, nice work you've got here!

I'm trying alchemy too.
It's kinda hard getting used to it, and even harder using it when you dont really have the basic drawing skills ^^

Anyway, I still see alchemy as an open door for me to get my own adventure in Art, so I'll keep on trying.
I'll let you know if I manage to get something from it.

see ya
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