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plan b

finally :) after 1 year it's done !
ballpen on A3
...somehow this is more or less part 2 of round_update [which i guess never had a real name].
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SirkoDrive's avatar
Whoah, Plan A & B kannte ich beide noch nicht. Big up!
ArtMarit's avatar
im so impressed
Jankay's avatar
jakob klug, you are my hero.
bettafish-resistance's avatar
So much complexity! I have to say, the bottom feels a little unbalanced with the top to me because of the amount of weight the top has, but the execution of the work overall is so amazing that it really shouldn't matter, should it? :) I love it!
solo-talent's avatar
dieser subtile grad an realismus in den feinheiten dieses wirr-warrs von unrealismus ist sagenhaft! :) krasser shit :D
strohat's avatar
detail, creativity, imagination, love the hairy and bubbly parts (as well as the whole thing)
xandju's avatar
this kinda has a similar feel to the artist that does the pictures for the Scary Stories trilogy. I really like it, kinda morbid yet real and not. i love how everything flows into the next. your work is awesome. cant wait to see more! <3
iancanfield's avatar
Man, you've got such epic style.
Hmm...I can't tell whether I like it or not. I think I might. Out of curiosity, was any of it mapped out before it was drawn, or was more or less impromptu?
J4K0644061x's avatar
everything was developed right on this sheet. no prework anywhere :)
brunoxyz's avatar
grotesque , , and cool.

really enjoy looking at these drawings.
Buntak's avatar
Nice one.
Detailed and disturbing, like most of your works...
phelix's avatar
dude how much acid have you done?

amazing work btw
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jeffdork's avatar
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god damn that's amazing, A fucking Plus. Love the inter connected faces midway up the left side.
J4K0644061x's avatar
thaankx...somehow i draw a lot of fused faces :D
timmolloy's avatar
mother of god! instant fav...
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