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plan a

based on an impulse to depict problems of the modern mindless
society this got started "by accident". actually only a small sketch of thought, but then it grew.

due to it's complexity it seems to work like a soul mirror.
everybody can tell unique stories from it.

once i had a dream where i wanted to show it to someone,
searching it i found out that it got lost.
then it appeared in my mind that i left it in the old world as
a guide/map to the new world

this is (for now) imho a solid state for this picture :)
drawn with ballpen in ~17 months on A3.
(started in december 2003/3169...finished 17 months later)

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This is so impressive
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I never say wow ,wow
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deep like the ocean ;)
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Man long does one take you like this crazy cool well done.
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Awesome distorsions!
EdwardWebphotobook's avatar eyes are trippin inside this drawing...
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Yeah man i like it!!!
I laughed with the "17 months" ... I understand that :>
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Hello. I hope you don't mind but I add this pic to my new Journal entry (pasted below). If you would prefer I remove it just let me know. Thank you.

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Ist das nicht auch das Cover von BSE "engangered species"?
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überall find ich deine werke^^
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This has to be one of the most amazing things I've seen on deviant art.
Great job:)

I hope one day my art is as skillful as yours.
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Das ist Kunst! *thumps up* :)
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Das ist Kunst! *thumps up* :)
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nice pic dude. this is like magic for my eyes. have u ever considered animations? this would be whole new levels of awesome as a animation.
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i`d definetly like to checkout animations aswell as 3d graphics,
but atm i dunno where to get the time for it :/
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