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Wood Stage | Facebook Timeline Cover


Wood Stage template for your Timeline cover. Feel free to modify and use it as your own Timeline cover


v1.1 - Fixed the template to fit the new Facebook Timeline cover dimensions


Font: Chinyen by Neale Davidson

Free Old Sticky Tape Textures + PS Brushes by Antoniu


Facebook automatically compresses Timeline covers that are over a hundred kilobytes thus reducing the quality of the cover. For best results use light resources then save it as a JPEG file and adjust the quality of the photo. For example, if 8 is 92.57 kB, and 9 is 106 kB, then choose 8. Do NOT go over 100 kB


Do whatever you want with it. If you do make a new template out of it, a credit would be much appreciated :)

Thanks! Hope you like it! :squee:

Wood Stage | Facebook Timeline Cover © 2013 Jev Frost |
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Nice, hope you can get rid of the indented 'writing' on back of wood? If not, how bout v2.0 with the options of layers of different text FX (Awesome) + Same goes for Wood Color = Gray, Light Brown etc simple using you're FX in PS. Just some suggestions I think will make it look very professional and everyone can choose what color and text FX they like (if any text, n\blank option?) + MOST IMPORTANT every friends timeline cover won't be the exact same colors and everything else..

Love you're efforts on FB Timelines so Far, Keep Practicing......

~code_Collective (TWT: "United Creative Developers Project Collective" - Crowd-Sourced by Creative's of ALL Kinds from Coders to Designers...ALL Idea's that need to be taken further NEED a Firm of Professionals OR a Collaboration of Creative's with the Skill Sets Needed to WORK TOGETHER as NOT a Firm, but a SOCIALLY, ORGANIC Driven Creative Collective with a GOAL to ACHIEVE THEIR PROJECT(S)... Crowd-Sourced = Crowd Coded, Developed, GFX Designed, Web Designed, Back-End Coded, Front-End Coded/Developed, Web Coded &/OR WebApp/Mobile /Desktop App/Browser Add-on (Porting)


Thanks for Reading & KEEP UP THE FB & SOCIAL MEDIA GFX
- J ~JayCameron 
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Not quite sure, but I re-designed this for Christmas, and it's a bit off from the actual time line layout :/... Any suggestions?
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Hi ~LorixLisa, I'm very sorry for the delay, I was off during the past week. I'm sorry to hear that, this is due to the changes of Facebook's Timeline cover dimensions. I just fixed the template and you can now go ahead and re-download it, if you still want it
I need link download ? But i don't link ?
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? If you're looking for the download link, it's at the right side below "Browse More Like This" and above the "Share" buttons :)
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yah.... Awesome! Thank you!
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thanks. your welcome :D
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This is my final image from your tamplate. Thanks mate! [link]
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awesome!! nice 1 mate! :D
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Thanks Mate!! I'm using it right now.. [link]
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Thanks to share it !
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awesome!! thanks man!! :D
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You are very welcome.
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Thank you very much. I was just looking at it in PS and It seems very well made. I converted the thumb layer to a smart layer to make things a bit easier. BRAVO. ;)
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oh yeah i forgot. a rasterized it cause i filled it with a that dark blue facebooky color lol thanks a ton!! gonna update it :D
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YOu are very welcome. I am glad you liked my idea. Nice to meet you. :handshake:
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yeah nice to meet you too!!! i saw your gallery and your works are totally :shocked: awesome!!! well i'm just a noob. but i think i'll get better. soon maybe :D
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Thanks. I've been doing fractals,for just over 6 years. Started with Apophysis and now Mandelbulb3D. You can only get better!.
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