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Wedding invitation

The invitation i designed for my sister's wedding =p
it uses a Burgopak© packaging system where if u pull one end, the other comes out at the same time. You can find more information about Burgopak here: [link]
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Wow, this is a magical idea. Why I didn't catch sight of the invitation card design before. My wedding was three years ago, and we tried to make it in the most eco-friendly style. Even as a venue, we chose a mountain reserve We had fresh flowers everywhere, wooden stands, and lots of candles for decoration. And as a gift, my wife decided to give me a honey jar in a craft package. Only we didn't have enough time to make the perfect invitations for our theme. But your idea in a different color scheme would be perfect.

Nice work keep it up. 
me too want to design an invitation for my brother. 
kindly give me an idea how u did it. if possible mail me the source to rvkiran (at) 
thanks in advance. 
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 Are Looking Attractive, Eye catching, Unique Modern Style Wedding Invitation,save the date cards,Wedding postcard & Greeting Card.???

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Is there any chance me to use your psd file. My email:
hi can i copy your psd file......

my email

Hey Indeed a very creative and a niche card - if you would like to make this type of card please visit 
Hello. Lovely design. Please how can order them for my wedding?
hello dear can I get editable file.. :)
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Congratulations were very nice. Thanks
Gud one. Pls if one wants to order, how do I get it?
hi!! this invitation is cool!! Can you help me on how to make it?? and I plan to have a blue green color theme, is this possible in this invitation? thank you! :0
Hi man want to know possible to send me ur sister wedding card design layout in eps or ai ???
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Hello Mate, I absolutely like it and would love it if you cant design mine. please contact me and let's talk
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i absolutely love this card. can i order this for my wedding please?
kindly email me the price,and whether or not it can be possible.

thanks a lot
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hey really nice design.. I would like to make something like this

Can you help me what kind of paper is that? is it is printed with special effect? guide me to get similar effect

Thanks buddy


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hi there

i was wondering if you could design something similar for me as i have a wedding in 201, please can you contact me

wow kang....
di sitenya ga ada penjelasan, dsieblah mana ya?
How can I get samples of about 6 of these? They are wonderful and we would love to use them for an editorial
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Hello Melanie,

If you would like to find out more information about Burgopak's patented sliding mechanism for your editorial, please email I can also arrange a sample to be sent to you.

As you will see on our website [link] the design has been used for the official 2009 BAFTA awards invitations as well as the 2011 GLAMOUR Women Of The Years awards.

Best regards,

Burgopak Marketing Department
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