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trying something kinda different from my end.
keeping it simple.

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how did you make those swirls????

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how 2 do that skin color style i really like it
zulu-eos's avatar
Very nice. The linework forms a great .
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cheers mate, im kinda happy with it too
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Cool.. simple yet interesting.. how did you do that lil thinggy tanggled things?
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just used the pen tool in illustrator. :)
alienbiru's avatar
Are you using mouse or wacom? just wanna know.. and, did u draw manually first and then later trace in illustrator or you just totally draw in illustrator..
j3concepts's avatar
all in illustrator with the mouse :)
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Awesome... that's me!!
j3concepts's avatar
ha ha so it is, well great photo.
i might use another one sometime if you are game for it.
hellacioushannah's avatar
Thanks! Couldn't have done it without Cherie... she's the photographer extraordinaire! Feel free to use any of my photos... I really dig your work.
j3concepts's avatar
appreciate it babe, i'll keep you updated. :)
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very cool vector work
mistercreevy's avatar
love ya floral stuff :)
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This is really gorgeous :wow: thanks for sharing! *sticks on desktop* yepyep - lookin' good ;)!
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well thank you :)
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I don´t like the gradient in her... its a lil bit to much for my eyes... the green and orange
lSpeeDl's avatar
tis is fucking amazing man, how did you get all the stuff behind? how do you create it? really wanna no

breathtaking peice

The Love MonkeyTM
Codex-nz's avatar
macy grays gone michael jackson :D
GreenWhimsy's avatar
Neat! I love how you worked the gradient!
Eddy-all-die-for's avatar
have you done this with a simple gradient or you used the gradient mesh?
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this one is just a simple gradient.
Eddy-all-die-for's avatar
kay because i begin a drawing and illustrator don't want to make a gradient mesh from line of a woman like this one.and when i click gradient mesh by he menu and it there's no gradient mesh that's i thought you could help me?
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