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Your Ideas Suck

I've looked into starting my own clothing line a few times over the last few years, but really in the end it takes a lot of time and effort and very little profit for the first while. So have always decided against starting my own line, with that said though I'll make a few of these designs available at different places on different products.
Each of these designs is up for purchase for use on your own clothing label/line, feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

Full details here [link]
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These would make cool computer Icons for a computer. They definately have their own personalities. Great job, hope to see more.
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this inspires me to be great.
I've been using your designs as wallpapers on all my computers for the last year. Great stuff
ME gusta! Muy bueno
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put your dreams away! HA!
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love these! what would you charge a person who wanted to use these on a product? Bet you could make some money if you released these as icons as well.... just a thought : D
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love it!!! awesome colors :iconiluplz:
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Not sure if you're still interested in putting these designs on shirts. If so, you should look into Zazzle ( or Printfection ( You can put your designs on not only shirts, but even shoes, bags, keychains, etc. You set the price on your products and they decide how much you would get back for each product that you sell. If you sell a decent amount, you could come out with a good profit. Hope this helps you out :)

P.S. Great designs by the way. I would buy them!
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Thanks for the suggestion, I actually already have an account with them [link] will have tees posted there within the next few weeks, just needed to double check the quality first.
Thanks again :)
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:rofl: this is epic!
i love them all :love:
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FUCK YOUR SNEAKERS its my fav, but all are great!
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"Your ideas suck" and "Up Yours!" too funny!
hihi : it is cool
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Awesome, whats name of font in ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE ZOMBIES please?
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