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La Pluie Vous Convient Si Bien

By j3concepts
reference photo by Thomas Friml [link]
clothing design by Crystal Dunn [link]
subway reference photo by [link]

softer no outline version [link]

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© 2007 - 2021 j3concepts
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hey !!! i love your work ... every work !
very good job'
you can see my work to [link] and if you want...say my if you think....thanks'
Weird title...

The verb "convenir" means both "to suit" and "to agree", but is usually used in the second meaning.
If you say "la pluie vous convient", it means "The rain suits you" as in "You are not bother by this rainy weather" not as in "The rain fits you".
"La pluie vous va si bien" would be more correct.

Nice work though ;)
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wow, this is some awesome stuff
expansiondesign's avatar
works better without outline... or maybe needs a thicker one...
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i like this work..:+fav:
spystyle's avatar
great work. i like the yellow..
wubstr's avatar
Great work , thats illustrator or corel ?
7AM3RK053L1's avatar
colour is hot i like it =)))
archanN's avatar
super awesome work man
shingudoo's avatar
your gallery very amazing.i'm very love it...hehe..
soulpowerworks's avatar
awesome style as ever =)
kauahagga's avatar
you're a genius!
Skys0's avatar
Skynix's avatar
Oh, a french title =)
Nice deviation ! Good Jobs !
Cham000's avatar
So sic man, love the clothing and shoes.
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DesignHim's avatar
Yay, i'm the 666th view :'D
I adore this piece. Hoodies get me everytime :P
Great work. :+fav:
Akutou-san's avatar
love it mate, love the pose and the shoes! the shading's gorgeous too especially on the hood! yummy :drool:
beepie's avatar
you made the garments look more like i wanted them to, less how they turned out :P
i love the line underneath her shoes, looks amazing.
j3concepts's avatar
hey im glad you like it, thanks for the great subject matter :)
theRGB's avatar
Love that yellow, might have to use that. Nice work mate! :thumbsup:
pete-aeiko's avatar
Love this man, one of your best in a while..

Corbenk's avatar
It is nice! The only thing I do not like is the shading on her left leg and the stoke. The stroke just looks choppy (which, I guess there is nothing you could do about it other than vectoring your own stroke around her.) and the shading on the leg is just a bit odd in shape of the darker shade.

I still envy your vector talent.
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appreciate the honesty mate. try this for no outlines [link] , for some reason i couldnt get them clean like usual, some kind of settings i fucked up probably.
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