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Breaking Bad Blue

Fan art is a rarity from me, but I created this 2-3 years ago and decided to release an updated version. Breaking Bad copyright AMC [link]
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Praise our lord fellow drug addicts
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Love it... Walter White the best~ :D
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I love this photo cause personally it shows me that how the meth business really did take over him, and after all of that, he could only unravel in the mess he created. Beautiful work!!
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Walter "Walt" Hartwell White Sr. (also known by his clandestine alias Heisenberg) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Breaking Bad, portrayed by Bryan Cranston. A graduate of the California Institute of Technology, Walt was once a promising chemistwho cofounded the company Gray Matter Technologies. He left Gray Matter abruptly, selling his shares for $5,000; soon afterward, the company made a fortune of roughly $2.16 billion, much of it from his research. Walt subsequently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he became a high school chemistry teacher. After being diagnosed with Stage IIIA lung cancer, he resorts to manufacturing methamphetamine and drug dealing to ensure his family's financial security after his death. Series creator Vince Gilligan has described his goal with Walter White as "turning Mr. Chips into Scarface", and deliberately made the character less sympathetic over the course of the series. Walt's transition from mild-mannered school teacher and family man to ruthless criminal mastermind and murderer is the show's central focus.
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Such brilliance, awesome.
really reminds me of game of thrones, with the extra-uncomfortable chair won with bloodshed and deception. Very nice!
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An amazing piece, you are truly talented.
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Que excelente te quedo mis respetos tenes talento.
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Very nice! I love the colors and the rendition of the character.
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i died and went to crystal heaven
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Hail to the king.
It's been like...a good decade of following your art since I picked up the trail on, and you still never cease to amaze me. Cheers my man, cheers.
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"And I've been trying to set free
A lighter hue
But deep down I know I'll be
Forever blue"
Your art reminded me of this song...
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Great! Your work is awsome! ;) (Wink)

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Thanks so much my friend

Greetings from Mexico ;) (Wink)
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Really nice interpretation!
Heisenberg: best character EVER
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