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Yeah, he a'ight though.
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Paranoid: Wears a tinfoil hat
Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (127)
I made a real album of inscrutable pop music
Hi deviantART, I'm like 26 or something now. That's more than double the age I was when I joined this website. I finally completed an album of music, a bunch of ineffable siren songs for the cultural epidemic. It's called Can't Turn It Off! It's free at http://ok.glass, pay what you want at okglass.bandcamp.com, and $10 handmade CDs are available at Needlejuice Records, where you can also incredibly pick up physical copies of the 2016 Lemon Demon record! That's the update for 2018. I hope you kids are still alive. Let me know when deviantART goes out of business, okay?
Thank you, the internet
FREE CHRISTMAS - a new album by Chet Farnsworth
Hello deviantART, what has even happened to you? Listen, I hope you're okay. Chet and I made another Christmas album, as we are wont to do. It's six minutes long and zero dollars expensive and really silly. It has songs about brands and cops, your favorite things!! Maybe we should've called it American Christmas instead. Listen and download here. And hey, let's be friends again! I love you, goodbye!