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Hi deviantART, I'm like 26 or something now. That's more than double the age I was when I joined this website.

I finally completed an album of music, a bunch of ineffable siren songs for the cultural epidemic. It's called Can't Turn It Off! It's free at, pay what you want at, and $10 handmade CDs are available at Needlejuice Records, where you can also incredibly pick up physical copies of the 2016 Lemon Demon record!

That's the update for 2018. I hope you kids are still alive. Let me know when deviantART goes out of business, okay?
Hello deviantART, what has even happened to you? Listen, I hope you're okay.

Chet and I made another Christmas album, as we are wont to do. It's six minutes long and zero dollars expensive and really silly. It has songs about brands and cops, your favorite things!! Maybe we should've called it American Christmas instead.

Listen and download here. And hey, let's be friends again! I love you, goodbye!
What's deviantART?

Hey remember snowmanman and Petsuchos-Isis and me? The first one made a game and got the second one to do the music and the third one to help the second one! It came out real good I think and I am proud of the work that (we?) did. Yeah, okay, we. We all put an undeserving amount of work in and I think we are all glad that it is public now.

It's a video game! For your computer! Please play it! Please!!
y'all know what kind of radio i do, but i am not exaggerating when i say this is going to be the most ridiculous radio show i do this semester

the story: my friends have a ridiculous radio show where every night has a different theme (like christian rock, eurotrash, female empowerment jams, white-boy reggae) and tomorrow's is sonic the hedgehog

i took all the images (except the bottom one) from deviantart and i figured "might as well give back." a nod to my redneck past

this journal will self-destruct once i regain my sense of dignity
Chet and I are up to our old tricks:…

It's only 4 tracks long because a lot of bullshit happened but we are still pretty happy with it. I hope it makes you happy too!
#caffeinelounge is 8. In celebration, Petsuchos-Isis and I present to you our first/last rap song, "ALOHA VERA".

The first thing that comes to mind is "I have literally wasted eight years of my life on the internet." The other side of it is "I have spent 8 years having weird/great friends in other time zones." And that thing is incredible and fantastic and all of y'alls are the best people in the world and I'm so glad this happened.
I've been rapping, mostly out of spite and on a dare. Come rap with me.

(samples of my awful flow in the comments)

(also i mean with my voice, not just with words on a computer screen)
I reluctantly made an "album" (in quotes because it's only 7 songs and like 15 minutes long) because friends were pressuring me. Friends like Petsuchos-Isis, HippySkier, TVsKyle, snowmanman, and oddaustin (whoa, is that actually his account? has he ever used it?). I am happy with it and I would like very much for you to listen to it.

Now is the time to listen to it.








dumb new journal swag, hell yeah

what the fuck is deviantartart? i made some music though:

all right. now gimme five*.

HELLO. It is SPRING. I have some new websites. All of them have something new on them.

Soon, it will be SUMMER. I have some summer plans. Here are a few, for your Emmy consideration.
  • Complete recording my first ALBUM of NEW MUSIC.
  • Develop TWO of the aforementioned websites to COMPLETION.
  • Learn how to drive a CAR.

I can only hope that further updates will be timely and substantial. Please enjoy these blasts from the pasts.

Good day.
And it's full of things I like, too, unlike this deviantART account. Check it! There are no images involved in the layout, too, which you may recognize as a big thing if you've ever been to a website I designed. (And name-dropped friends, have no fear: I robots.txt'd you out of anti-credibility.)

In other news, all I've been doing is listening to Odd Future and Papas Fritas. I have become the worst.

It's the future, get down

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 9, 2011, 1:34 PM
Oh child! I have minutes left, and there will never be a reason for me to have a premium m-SUBSCRIPTION ever again! Time to make sure I never have to make a journal for the rest of my life, so that my page may continue to look - all as one - so good.

:thumb196596980: Phoenixleo by ClefairyKid :thumb196806309: The Art of life by SavannaH09 UCARD stamp by John945


Okay, now that my face is littered with garbage, I can proceed to kill myself. It's been nice knowing you guys (especially you, Morgan Q.). I'll see you on the other side.

Hey, I'm looking for an image I can use as wallpaper for my desktop. I really like that effect you get from a camera when it's out of focus. Do you think you have anything like that?

Bokeh by JaySean Bokeh by Piraatjuh Digital Bokeh by Brukhar Colourful Bokeh Wallpaper by NumberThreeDesign Bubbles by Sandopep
Bokeh 1 by nerdwork9 Bokeh Background PSD  DL by aaronhockey :thumb149921139: Bokeh by jz1146 :thumb148328622:
:thumb147647944: Bulles by Skarndebrax Glamour by Chazimcgee :thumb102906830: Bokeh Wallpaper_1900x1200 by PrinceNuisance
Beautiful Lights by tamasys Bokeh by Sparcy86 Bokeh effect by cyferus :thumb143241690: Bokeh Wallpaper by noOxz
Bokeh..... by YuHekal :thumb154341900: bUBBles by L1keMike Wallpaper Bubbles by gormed Bubbles by ajsriv
Bokeh by 1995levente Photoshop Bokeh Wallpaper by Ash-Marie Bokeh by Betor8472 Bokeh by ujvarimatyas WLP Bubbles by ehofferle
:thumb103622820: Masters Of Special by Pingk-NC impress me.. by madvicdesigns :thumb194450895: Bokeh Dots by FerretDefunct
Bubbles by Impresa wallpaper by Sycrid Smile by psykikraithe Digital Bokeh Wallpaper by akoposiroe :thumb137065873:
Coloured Bubbles Wallpaper by Too-Fast Bubbles by iPenguinTM hee-rling by Trooper2142 bokeh wall by s1501 bubbles by five-oh-five
Bokeh effect by cyferus Bubbles by shakawoverloaded Bubbles by LoZebbo Bulles by Skarndebrax - Bubble Wallpaper - by me969
Bubbles by wcefan Disco R4ge by ltr4ge Bubbles by VividGlance Coloured Bubbles Widescreen by Too-Fast
wallpaper noeL by no0oOooel :thumb193200927: :thumb170840560: THIS...IS...BOKEH by XxEonZxX Bokeh effect by esisimp
Bokeh Desing by Ralphsheep Bubbles by Kohuded :thumb120881635: Neat looking wallpaper by monkeyman98 Bokeh by LukeFranklin
Bokeh by mariannaferrari Bubbles by MrLinkyy Bokeh 2 by Blooberry95 Colour Your World by GearTech3 bubblebean by Camxso
Digital Bokeh by burninlab Bokeh Desktop by D-Grywalski :thumb154341900: :thumb148328622: bokeh is truth by xo-disco
Bokeh effect by cyferus Bubbles by ColaMix jamsam bokeh wallpaper by JamSamCreative Bubbles by Impresa Bokeh Wallpaper by keneinberg
:thumb194432919: Bokeh by Maqix :thumb158686564: :thumb183713560: :thumb174229478:
Bokeh by LukeTripp bokeh by shrubery Wallpaper Bubbles by gormed Bokeh Wallpaper by enterflux Bubbles by leobattistella
:thumb141450697: Bokeh Wallpaper - watermark by tungnk1993 :thumb146647959: Abstract OOO by cBlacKStaRc
Bokeh by whatsoeverprojects Bokeh Supernova FIRST DRAFT by Danatlive Bokehs by ozzy8031
:thumb191265033: :thumb183239633:
Bokeh Wallpaper final by tungnk1993

Ah, never mind. I'll just go make one myself.

Words words words

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 17, 2011, 7:58 PM
Hey, look at that, it's the future. First off, high fives to Heidi for allowing me to continue my tradition of having a tower of pictograms to the right.

It's January and I suppose that I should continue my tradition of writing a long journal. I guess I can say words. I've only seen seventeen days' worth of it, but it's never too early to start judging a thing, so I can say these words guiltlessly: 2011 has been a strange year.

Over the past two and a half weeks, a ton of things has been happening to me, and I have been unable to react to any of them. And it's a real mixed bag, too: People I know and don't know are sick, dying, and dead; people like me, love me, obsess over me, and conspicuously have no opinions about me; I am finding out I have both succeeded and failed, and that I've helped others and hurt other others just as much. This paragraph seems cryptic, like a terrible poem, so I'm going to move on. Just know that my consciousness is clouded by a whole bunch of events I never would've predicted.

I haven't really done anything, let alone anything in response, but exist in a vicodin-induced haze. Inaction is hardly surprising - I'm great at getting nothing done - but this feels more severe, like my brain is just shutting down from overload. Maybe this is a side effect of my recent (minor) surgery, maybe it's just a side effect of winter break. But I feel more aware and a little overwhelmed, and it's been going on for a while, so I figured I'd publicly acknowledge it.

Hmm, not very long at all. I have managed to be slightly productive this month: I made some music and a (ridiculous) website for it, and our daily joke-a-thon is reaching its climax. And here's an anthology of music I enjoyed in 2010 - not just as an afterthought, but still because it's the cool thing to do.

I apologize for this humorless, uncharacteristic journal. Maybe you'll like this rap song I did with snowmanman about furries instead.


Free pieces of paper (not money)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 8, 2010, 12:54 PM

Guys! I'm doing that Pringle card thing again, where I mail squares of cardboard covered in terrifying jokes to your Physical Address for free! And since this wave will probably be the last, I'm pulling out all stops. You will receive an envelope with more than just Pringle cards. I'm really pleased with what I'm sending out, and Atrocity-of-life is too. But SUBMIT YOUR REQUESTS BY DECEMBER 14! I've mailed out around eight so far, and I have upwards of twenty to send out by now. But it's Finals Season, so this will probably happen on the weekend. Sit tight! (And if you donate to #caffeinelounge, Grandma sweetens the deal!)

In other news, there is a lot of other news. Details to come.


Thoughts on Holiday48

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 11, 2010, 5:23 PM
deviantART should probably give groups forums. That's a huge oversight. I can't believe they forgot about it. Anyway, I wrote this as a comment a week or two ago, but the whole thing got eaten and I was too frustrated to rewrite it.

Warning: In this journal, I talk about my dumb radio show as if it is a thing that matters. Please don't read this.

It's November, and no one will let me forget that Christmas is coming up and maybe I should do that radio show that I usually do. I still don't know what my plans are. Maybe you guys can help me out!

Let me start by saying that Holiday48 has always wound up being fun for me. We've done it six times by now, and there are some shows that have been more stressful than others, but I always end up enjoying myself, even if not for the whole show.

I'd originally planned to retire Holiday48 in 2008. That show was huge, and we pulled out all the stops: I was using all my free time from November on working in the high school computer lab on the site, I wrote a whole bunch of music, and we did 100 hours of show. It was a TON of work, but it was fantastic, and I loved every minute of it! At the end of the show, I revealed that H48 was done, because I didn't think I could ever top that.

2009 ended up being a good year for Rofltime Radio, though. Once I figured out how to get people on Skype to contribute to it, Rofltime became a collaborative thing, and I was really happy with the vast majority of shows I did! I still didn't have any plans to do H48 until October or so, when Chet approached me and we made a deal - if he does a Christmas album, I'd do Holiday48.

Well, he didn't really do a Christmas album, and I didn't really do Holiday48. I was sick and tired and sad for the duration of the show, and I think it both started late and ended early. We did a bunch of Rofltime-like skits, some of which turned out pretty good, but it was not one of the great #cl radio successes.

2010 hasn't been great for radio either. I was going to do a brief winter run of Rofltime, but that never materialized and I became more frustrated. There were only five or six Rofltimes this year, and only two or so were worth listening to. I got burned out. Up All Night was great, though, and I think it might have been because it wasn't all me.

So there's one problem. I think I might've sort of built up and claimed #cl radio as a thing that I do, and sort of pull other people in as I need them - which I feel is the way I do a lot of "creative" things on the internet (like yelling at people to record instruments, or soliciting for jokes only when I need them). I'm really sorry about this! This seems terrible and standoffish and I hope you guys weren't offended by this. I'm going to try to be more open to true collaboration in the future.

Anyway, some of you guys might know that I am the king of my school's radio station, which is sort of nice! Last year, I worked as an intern-turned-guywhodoeseverythingfornomoney, and it was okay. This year, I get paid (not much), but I spent the first seven weeks of school working at the station ALL THE TIME, and I just sort of stopped caring about it. We're finally on the air (like, two week past midterms), and it's just not the great celebration I was expecting it to be - but I guess there's kind of a lot of things going on for me right now. I co-opted some shows, and it wasn't great.

That's another reason I'm hesitant to do Holiday48 this year. I feel like it's just going to be me trudging my way through two days of Christmas music. Maybe I should do some warm-up shows or something.

But okay, here's a different paragraph focusing on the amount of work: I don't think there will have to be a lot going on. We don't need contests or anything, #cl has long since needed to pretend we're interested in being a club (or even interested in being on dA)... we definitely don't need a crazy super website like the one in 2008, and I could probably throw something together. I don't think it needs to be longer than 48 hours, and we don't really need to worry about getting a bunch of new music. There is one practical caveat in the server - Andy's not sure when he's disarming Nebulon. He said after the new year, but then rescinded that when he looked at the billing cycle. So we might not even have a home for the show unless he decides to pay another $20 just for us (which we/I could certainly reimburse him for).

But I don't think I want it to be all a j2 show anymore. Up All Night was incredible, and I think we could do something like that successfully. You guys should host some segments of the show. I could definitely run most of the show (especially the shuffle set-and-forget freeplay hours), and I could host some things as I have in the past. Maybe I can upload a big list of all the songs and you can help me come up with themes?

I don't know! I haven't really done anything this collaborative before with you guys, which is sort of a weird revelation. I don't know how much control you want, because it seems whenever I try to do something like this, there's no interest at all (or implied interest and then everyone, usually including me, forgets about the whole ordeal).

And there's another problem: Holiday48 is like, the most successful thing I've ever done with you guys. That's partly why I did it last year, kind of out of obligation - if I don't do Holiday48, why am I still in #cl? So maybe I need to get over that too.

All right, I don't really know how to conclude this, but I guess I can say this: I would be willing to do some semblance of a holiday radio show. Should I? Do you guys want to help? Would it be cool if I skipped out on it? Write words below.



Journal Entry: Mon Oct 18, 2010, 3:49 AM
WARNING: This sucks. Do not read this.

Hey guys! I'm at school again! So much has happened in the past seven weeks, and I have STORIES ON STORIES (many of which you've heard if you're from that particular corner of the internet). But that's not what this stupid blog posting on my dumb internet journal for my terrible deviantART page is about.

You guys may recall that I go to SUNY Purchase, which is more a joke than a school - but that's fine! I've grown accustomed to the joke, and it's actually very funny at times! Everyone is a hipster, the administration has a general disdain for the student body, and everything bad always happens to everybody. Whenever something horrible happens to you, you just have to look at your situation from an outside perspective: if you were someone else, or if you were someone older, you would look at this and realize how goddamn hilarious it is that you have a final due in six hours that you learned about yesterday, or how knee-slappingly wacky it is that a drainpipe burst in your crappy dormitory and all of your vintage shoes and beat-up acoustic guitars are slowly drowning. I have a history of looking down on those students who drop out or transfer (our graduation rate is close to 50%) as "not getting the joke".

Alas, the greatest joke of all has surfaced, and it is so funny on so many different levels that I can't begin to comprehend it. I am certain it will lead to my demise - I'm only at minor breakdown status right now - and I need to find a way to decipher the hilarity. I am a New Media student, you see, which I've always had trouble explaining to people I meet - it's sort of like, um, there's two years that are like, arts foundation, you learn about video and sound and graphics and computer programming, and then the other two years are specialty classes, but your real goal is to make something cool for credit. A school representative came to my high school and told me that I could learn about programming and web applications and computer graphics and audio, and I was instantly sold! My first year of school came and went beautifully - I was learning about programming! I had to do a little visual philosophy on the side, but I dismissed that as a basic requirement. The second semester saw me taking a photography class, with art students, which made me uneasy INSTANTLY, but after a few weeks, I saw that I would be fine: after all, darkrooms BREED fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed my brief foray into the artistic portion of New Media.


Two weeks ago, I received a telecommunication from one of my fellow New Media students. He invited me to post New Media art on his new New Media blog! "But I don't know anything about New Media art," I thought - sure, I'd seen examples in classes, but I'd never really considered them for very long, and I didn't even try to approach their lofty level of artistic pretentiousness. I responded saying that I appreciate his offer, but I didn't have much to bring to the table. I was left to ponder what exactly New Media encompassed. Wikipedia told me that everything I make (and therefore, everything I like) is "cyberculture," which I assumed is what New Media types looked down on.

Shortly after, I was laboring in the radio station with another New Media colleague, and conversation turned to this New Media blog. I confessed that I was not entirely sure what New Media meant, and the answer I was given was so incredibly simple: New Media is just art made with new media.

THIS BLEW MY MIND. When I first heard the term, I'd taken "media" in the more peasant-y sense - media as referring to the television programs, the movies, them newspapers and books and magazines. Just more... new. Computers and all that. I guess I thought I was majoring in communications. But no. I'm an art student.

I began quietly freaking out. I don't know how to make art! Have I ever made art in my life?! I've certainly made things, I've been doing it since I was little, and some of them I could contextualize as art if I downplay the lack of seriousness and assume a pompous tone, but none of it could ever be accurately called art! I furiously searched the remains of my deviantART gallery in a desperate move and found nothing but the fact that I need to delete everything. I didn't tell anyone about this revelation for a while, until it came out in a New Media class late last week. The person sitting to the left of me lost his head (I issued an immediate apology); the person sitting to the right of me said "yeah, you didn't know that?"

The radio dayworker went on to explain: making videos is different from making video art, making web sites is different from making web art. There's some sort of invisible line that I have to tiptoe over here, but he assured me that no matter what I do, there was no way I could ever possibly become the most pretentious person on campus. I think he's right about that.

So now I'm in a strange place. I still haven't come to terms with the fact that I'm an art student. All the coursework no longer feels like I'm just finishing a given task, I feel like I have to pour a lot of thought into everything, and I usually end up with lackluster results. I've been told that hating yourself is a side effect of being an artist, though, so I think I might be getting there.

I've been making fun of art for a long time, or at least the people who elevate art to a status that I've never held - I think that might be what I'm most afraid of. I'm considering filming a video project (due in 10 hours, oh man) of me making art, with signs throughout reassuring myself "THIS COUNTS AS ART." The aforementioned radio guy told me (without very much knowledge of the things I make) that I seem to be more on the comedy side of things, which might be on point. I don't think I like art when I have to take it seriously. I don't even know which side of the line the described video project would sit on. Maybe I have to add a social message.

That guy was wondering if I would leave Purchase since I found out that I got tricked into art. I don't think I could leave this school - both as a pride thing and a general appreciation of everything it is - but I'm worrying myself. I don't think I could change my major to anything they offer, and even if I did, I'd still be making these pieces of non-art. Maybe if I transferred to a real school, those would become the jokes.

I think that's all of the thoughts I've been able to have. I know most of you guys don't really care about this kind of thing, but if you have any ideas, I'd like to hear them.