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Deep Space 9 (Star Trek Collection)

By j2Artist
One of my favorites series of Star Trek.
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Elnauron's avatar
I purchased a print of this picture from you last summer at Fan Expo in Toronto. The picture is currently framed above my bed. Looks great! Keep up the awesome work! =)
NerysGhemor's avatar
Gorgeous!!!  The angle had me wondering at first if it was Empok Nor, but the light is too bright and pretty for that. GREAT work!!!
AloiInTheSky's avatar
This is so incredibly beautiful !
I love the colours, all the details. Love your drawing style. This is so expressive.
You give us the feeling that the station is a living thing. A living machine ^^
j2Artist's avatar
Thanks. The space station is even more detailed then I thought. This took me a lot longer then I thought it would take me. But I really like the way it turned out. I was going to add the wormhole in the background but I was afraid it was going to draw to much attention from the DS9. :)
AloiInTheSky's avatar
I can imagine it took you a great deal of time. But it was definitively worth the efforts ^^
You can be proud of the result ^^
j2Artist's avatar
Thanks! I hope it sells well. :)
AloiInTheSky's avatar
Good luck then XD
Zaarin1's avatar
Love it! It's very evocative, I can hear the theme song as I look at it. :D
j2Artist's avatar
I miss hearing that song.
Zaarin1's avatar
I rewatch DS9 about twice a year, so I hear it often. :D Aside from DS9 being my favorite show, though, I think it had the best opening them. Have you heard Dennis McCarthy's jazz piano cover, "After 3:00 AM at Quark's"? It's very pretty and sounds right out of Vic's.
MrDataTheAwesome's avatar
wow looks really epic!
LizzyChrome's avatar
I love how DS9 looks as if it's tumbling through space! Which I'm sure Ben, Ezri, and the rest often felt that it was. 
j2Artist's avatar
Yeah just a little station out in the middle of know where hosting some crazy aliens.
Deepblu742's avatar
Mine too, great piece, wish I could see it a little larger.
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