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(Journal 81)


(Edited in June. 30, 2016.)

3 weeks passed... It's time to work on and publish this journal, the aftermath of Otakuthon 2015. Time to fight off writer's block and to push myself to get active. I hope I didn't miss anything on the way... 

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I'm going to talk about my aftermath of Otakuthon 2015...

I cosplay, I had my new cosplay which is so awesome and my old cosplay from Free Comic Book Day, Montreal Toy Con 2015 and What the Fur 2015.

-My new cosplay,
I was going to tell people who I am going to cosplay as, but in PMs, I wanted to surprise my friend and decide to keep this done in secret to everyone, but I decide to spit it out right now since I was cosplaying as Rainbow Dash Luchador in Otakuthon 2013 and Otakuthon 2015 the con is over. "There's nothing wrong with a male cosplaying as a female character, why is ok for a female to cosplay as a male character than a male cosplaying as a female character?"… I was cosplaying as Lucina (Fire Emblem: Awakening) and I really liked the whole entire outfit and everything, especially the character which she is my favorite character too.

-My old cosplay
was Arno Dorian (Assassin's Creed: Unity) and I like it.

I went by myself and with a cosplay group (my friend's friends.)

I got my new camera to take photos of cosplayers. It looks so awesome that I really like it...

For me... The aftermath of Otakuthon 2015...

It... was... f***ing... disappointing... and terrible... I can't believe this would have happen and I had the worst year of 2015 also in my personal life for all of those months passed... I'll explain the reason why...

Time to talk about those 4 days of going to Otakuthon 2015, here we go...

Thursday Registration:
Going there, seeing less cosplayers, and more people without cosplays, but I understand they want to cosplay on those 3 days or 1 day or 2 days whatever it is, because its the days the con starts. So I was cosplaying as Arno Dorian (Assassin's Creed: Unity) in the line waiting and stuff. I write the paper to register, I met some cool Bronies in the line and we brohoof and it was awesome! They were playing music with some boom box they brought of old cartoons' music, games' music, movies' music, shows' music, Brony music, etc music... It was cool, epic, awesome, funny and nostalgic! That made my day to enjoy the line. Once I was done registering I left and started to eat at a restaurant and then I head to the metro to head home where there were a bunch of a-f***ing-holes who already attended Otakuthon 2015 harassing me and saying negative stuff behind my back laughing at me. I avoided them and those a-f***ing-holes need to grow up and "you can't call yourself a gamer, anime fan, cartoon fan, book fan, manga fan, movie fan, comic fan, etc... fan, Canadian, different nationality if you're homophobic, racist, sexist, stereotype, judgemental, a bully, a cyber bully, saying negative stuff behind somebody's back and laughing and mocking..." But I ignored those close minded pieces of s***...!


Oh I just notice I didn't even take any photos during the registration of Thursday.

Friday Day 1: I woke up this morning and I am ready to head to the con. I was cosplaying as Lucina (Fire Emblem: Awakening.) I walk around and look around and take some photos. I had some a-holes mocking me, making fun of me, laughing behind my back, it was rude, homophobic, sexist, hypocrisy and disrespectful. To be honest I mostly ignored them, but it was pissing me off... 

Tell me this:

When a girl cosplays as a male character, its ok.
BUT when a boy cosplays as a female character, everybody will bully that person, laugh, mock and make fun of that person.


I felt like to give up on my cosplay... I... just... can't... take it no more... (Cosplay is not consent... Nobody deserves to get discriminated. Cosplaying is a hobby for everyone...)

The good part is that a bunch of Lucina cosplayers, Bronies and Pegasisters, a cool honest guy, girls, people who supported me, artists, dA: (some) people who supported me, fans, watchers, family, relatives and friends and best friends, really liked my cosplay and told me to not give up on your cosplay and that anybody can cosplay. It was an honor of them... Thank you very much... Back on topic! I'm really surprise the Exhibition hallway is open this morning even though I went to the line to head there. I shop around and buy some stuff, met some artists that I know like oceantann (she's such an awesome artist.) I started eating lunch and stuff, I had a hard time eating due to my PTSD, stress and depression that was getting towards me during the con. It was a pain to be honest... A lot of rude people there. After eating, I started to take a rest and then I started going to a meetup schedule that I planned to see my friend nightfrostmoon and her friend sammysketches to hangout with, in this cosplay group. I waited for them, then in 30 mins they didn't arrived I was wondering what's going on and stuff, my thoughts were my friend forgot her cellphone, it was on her bag, cellphone is on silence, she forgot to bring her bag and cellphone, her equipment was stolen. 0_0 So I felt questioning, worrying and lonely on what happened and stuff... So I left and went shopping around. But apparently my friend contacted via cellphone, she told that she was late and her cellphone was on silence. But I understand it happens, we make mistakes. So she and her friend are at the meetup schedule. I started heading there "ninja mode" (stealth) by surprising without letting them detect me. I ran faster and then I approach them from behind. "Presents..." They were surprise to see me after my stealth approach "ninja mode" and they really liked my Lucina cosplay. (Hugs for the win!) I started taking some photos of their cosplays. I like my friend's female Link (The Legend of Zelda) cosplay and her friend's Lady Death (Deadpool) cosplay. It is an honor... Thank you very much. We shop around, eat dinner, walk around the con, take a break and chat. It was good. At the end of the day, I went home and I said goodbye them...

Saturday Day 2: I wake up, going there. I decide to change my cosplay since I went ashamed, anxiety, PTSD and depression because of the homophobes, sexists, stereotypes, judgemental people, hypocrites they ruin this for me. I decide to cosplay as Arno Dorian (Assassin's Creed: Unity.) I shopped around. Apparently an accident mistake occured which got me worried, hurt, and questioning... (Feel free to PM me if you would you like a question over the accident mistake that happened.) I decide to move along and continue shopping around. 

My cosplay group arrived, Atachi00 too. I started to reunite with them with another stealth approach onto Atachi00. I move stealthy "ninja mode" and some people/cosplayers were looking at me wondering what's going on. "Presents..." She was surprise to see me. (Free hugs yay...) She has a nice Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls) cosplay to be honest. It was nice meeting her once again. I wanted to do a photoshoot, but I understand they want to shop around and enjoy the con, but that's ok. So we walked around, shop around, eat lunch, etc... I can go on... My friend gave me a free Midna (The Legend of Zelda) pin, thank you very much that's so sweet of you... During around the con I met missmystica, and I recognize her and she recognized me. Oh my goodness! It was nice meeting her and taking some photos of her female Mario (Mario) cosplay. I like it. She wanted to meet me and see me again after we talk about it before Otakuthon 2015 starts. She wanted to see me in the MLP FiM panel, well same here! I told her to enjoy the con and she told me that too! Take care missmystica! It is an honor, I remember you in Otakuthon 2013 and 2014! And now 2015! Yay! My cosplay group and I, we continue and did the same thing around the con. I shy out and went completely silence after the accident mistake that occurred during the morning which scarred me. Apparently I went "lone wolf" away from the cosplay group, because I wasn't feeling good over the one mistake accident that occurred. It made me lost my motivation, lonely, depressed and stressed out. I did the stuff that I liked to do, shop around, take some photos, etc... and then suddenly I started taking a break of resting... (Wasn't a good idea to rest for many minutes.) I started reuniting with my cosplay group. We did the same things, but I was resting... We eat again dinner. I started wanting to go see the accident mistake that occurred once again after this morning to see if everything was alright (Again feel free to PM me if you would you like a question over the accident mistake that happened.) I felt shocked, PTSD, raging and very depressed that I was almost about to cry... (I'm not even lying...) I came back to reunite with my cosplay group. And then we went home after that and said goodbye to each other... I... was... backstabbed... twice... by my 2 conventions' friends that I've been friends with for 4 years and the other one for 3 years over the past conventions... over one small tiny accident mistake... I cried after that... :'C
Sunday Day 3: Again the same thing of waking up and heading there. Very hurt and knocked out. I puke this morning not feeling great at all on what happen yesturday and at the night... I cosplay back as Arno Dorian (Assassin's Creed: Unity.) I reunite with the cosplay group and continue doing the same stuff around the con. I marked a meetup schedule for a photoshoot from MelanieWolfrin. I met her and she was open minded and a friendly photographer. I had a lot of fun on the photoshoot she was taking on my cosplay on a beautiful scenery. It was great and it made me felt better... I hope to see you again! You're a great photographer! I did the same stuff like Friday and Saturday, now I went "lone wolf" again... I went to the MLP FiM panel. It was great! And the final, I went to the Exhibition hall to shop around to be the end of my con. Now I wanted to reunite with the cosplay group, apparently they were far from the con heading to a restaurant. I decide that I lost my energy and its the end of the con, I decide to head home and say goodbye via text message on the phone to my friend...

The ending of the con...
I had the worst con this year... I can't believe it... :'C

Good parts:
-Some people liked my Arno Dorian cosplay.
-Met and hangout with my friend.
-I liked some of the text messages my friend send me. (Some compliments my friend was sending me.)
-My friend gave me a free "Midna pin"
-Lucina cosplayers, girls, artists, Bronies and Pegasisters, a cool honest guy, and my cosplay group (my friend's friends) liked my Lucina cosplay.
-Met missmystica and it was an honor.
-I liked oceantann's table.
-I got some equipment around the Exhibition hall.
-I enjoyed those Bronies playing that radio station boom box during Thursday.
-I enjoyed MelanieWolfrin's photoshoot.
-Enjoyed one of the panels that I attended.

Bad parts:
-Didn't met any famous actors/actresses and famous people. I wanted to meet the Riza Hawkeye (FullMetal Alchemist) actress.
-The judgemental people, homophobes, racists, sexists, stereotypes, bullies just ruined my new cosplay.
-I shy out and went silence around my friend's cosplay group.
-My friend ignored me throughout the con and didn't care that I got backstabbed and didn't care about the pain I'm going through. She abandoned me.
-I taken less photos, I mostly take around 250 or more photos... But I can't believe it...
-Didn't go much around Otakuthon events, games, panels, etc...
-Some stuff that I would like to buy, it felt missing, there's something missing...
-There are some people that I know that I actually wanted to meet...
-I lost my motivation, I felt the PTSD and depression coming towards me...
-One small tiny mistake accident broke me and I was backstabbed twice by 2 of my friends... :'C

During the past years of Otakuthon, I'll do my ratings what I thought of them.
Otakuthon 2011 was great! 8/10
Otakuthon 2011 Halloween was good! 7.5/10
Otakuthon 2012 was good 7/10
Otakuthon 2013 was alright, but something is missing... 7/10
Otakuthon 2014 was good, but something is missing... 6.5/10
Otakuthon 2015 was terrible. 3/10
5 years I've been to Otakuthon...

-I'm going to upload the photos I taken sooner or later, I just need to take some time off, I'm not feeling well at all... :(
I really don't know what has happened to me this year of 2015...

I miss my old self of the past years of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 was ok.
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 I hated it.

2000-2006 was my best self.
2007-2011 was ok.
2012-2015 I fall into a depression and with PTSD... I lost my motivation... I was eating popcorn, bacon strips ( = heart attack,) drinking too much soft drinks ( = kidney stones.) The whole world is becoming more evil and more disrespectful...
What the heck has happen to me? I lost my mind...
J25 The Arc King Group has been Created!(Journal 80)
(Edited in June. 30, 2016.)
Ladies and gentlemen, it's official... The J25 The Arc King Group has been created!
The fanclub of my/the official J25 The Arc King (FanFiction) series.  
(Of course we all know my username is just a former roleplaying username, and named after my OC (original character.) (I'm not trying to insert myself.))
This is a fanclub group for those who are a fan of my FanFiction series. The J25 The Arc King (FanFi
I'm Suffering with Depression and PTSD(Journal 76)
(Edited in June. 29, 2016.)
Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is something important that I want to post, it's something important that has been happening for me for some years or more? (I lost count.) I'm being serious, I'm not even joking or lying I swear.
When I was young I was enjoying life and was happy over the past years, it was fun and enjoyment, so much respect with peace and love from people, family and friends, the people to trust, etc...
But now as the future years went by. Everything has started to fall down...
I am suffering with depression. I'm starting to not like this world we live in and this society of how homophobic, racism, sexism, judgemental people, people who laugh behind your back and say negative stuff behind your back, immature people, rude people, evil people,

After that... My best friend and I were discussing about this... Myself and the con...
I tell people to think positive and be themselves, somewhat I put myself down and feel lonely...

Sooner or later I'm going to upload my endings and the aftermath journals on these:
My Ending on Otakuthon 2014 is going to edited due to what happen in Otakuthon 2015. Its going to be edited and changed... 
WWE Monday Night Raw was ok. 5/10
Montreal Toy Con 2015 was good. 7/10
What the Fur 2015 was good also. 7/10

I have already uploaded them, all of them.

Next year Otakuthon 2016 I'm going to make that year count and I'm going to make a good comeback, all things are possible and positive to do! I'm going to do something that makes me happy and do the stuff that I like to do during the cons. I'm going to try to be myself and focus on the good... I'm going to make it like Otakuthon 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014...  I'm better off as a lone wolf... Acting like the action hero...

Feel free to PM me if you got any questions...

"This is how the J25 died..."
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I'm really sorry that you didn't like this year... And I'm sure your Lucina cosplay was really cool. :) If you want/need to talk about that accident you talk about in this, you can Pm me if you want! (If you don't, I understand, you don't know me much. :) )