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Me/Myself/I as Lucina (male crossplay / cosplay.)

Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

"Lucina makes a returns!"

“I have cosplay as 8 male characters and 2 female characters throughout the years. 10 characters and cosplays.”

"Anyone in the world can cosplay, it doesn't matter about size, age, shape, race, complexion, gender, sexuality, etc… As long as the person is nice and respectful and not causing harm, that’s what matters…”
I decide to return and cosplay back as Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening. I wanted to do something that makes me happy and be myself to have more self-esteem.

After wearing the Lucina long blue hair wig and getting made fun in my last con which scars me for the rest of my life. j25thearcking.deviantart.com/j… 

I decide to try something new and creative.

In Fire Emblem: Awakening, you can change classes for your characters, you can change Lucina's class and make her become an archer. So I decide to do that by carrying a bow and arrow (my bow and arrow was use for my Ratonhnhaké ton (Assassin's Creed III) cosplay in the past of Otakuthon 2014.) I also wear a black cloak hood which I got from my Arno Dorian (Assassin's Creed: Unity) cosplay. I was inspired by Robin from Batman: Arkham City the cloak hood he wears.

Sorry about my real hair showing. Just ignore it. Cosplaying is just a hobby for fun.
Sorry about the elastic bands around the shoulder pads. It's to prevent them from falling and getting loose so I tighten it by holding it with elastic bands.


First time going to GeekFest Montreal 2015. It was ok, it was better than my last con that I went which the last con scars me for the rest of my life: j25thearcking.deviantart.com/j… 

My friend :iconmissmystica: and her younger brother talk to me about free photos to be shoot/take by a photographer that goes by the name DrooPhotography. I decide to check it out so her and I went to the room and I met :icondroophotographer:. I talk to him and his assistant. I sign my name to be in for the photo-shoot. He started taking photos of my Lucina cosplay. We did a lot of photos and poses of my cosplay. It was fun. He was such a nice, friendly, open minded and an awesome Chinese photographer. I enjoyed the photographer and that made my days in GeekFest Montreal 2015 a lot fun and enjoyable. A good escape from your dark past from your last con. Thank goodness such happiness that I have found... I'm so happy and proud... Thank you :icondroophotographer: for everything...

I bought the disc for the photos that were taken during the photo-shoot from :icondroophotographer:.  

In the photo :iconmissmystica: was grabbing my cape to make it float in the air to make this look like a very cool pose. It's like a live action movie! What an awesome pose! I really like it!

I would like to thank my friend:iconmissmystica: for supporting me and making my cape float in the air. Thank you very much. You're such a good friend. It was nice meeting you once again the 3rd time and talking to you.

I would like to give credits and thank :icondroophotographer: for taking this photo and all of the photos of my Lucina and Arno Dorian (Assassin's Creed: Unity) cosplays.  

Check out his Facebook page:

He was a open minded, friendly, nice and an awesome Chinese photographer. 

Stay strong, stay inspired, stay positive, stay safe, stay professional, stay gold and take care!

I would like to thank and give credits to :iconlisu-c: for making the Marth/Lucina butterfly mask.
This finished my Lucina cosplay.

Taken at GeekFest Montreal 2015, Montreal Quebec Canada.

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