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Good Afternoon Deviants,

It's been a while since my last post about Otakon 2016, but a lot has been happening lately. Mostly working on new projects and dealing with Real Life. Especially with recent events where I found myself in the hospital this past Friday with appendicitis X_x It wasn't even the first thing I would have thought of, although everyone around me kept saying, "Yea, that's gotta be it.", "OMG you might have appendicitis!"

So, yea... I had surgery to have it removed and I've been on bed rest ever since. It's only been a few days since then, but I think I'm recovering better than expected. While I have been out of work and fighting the struggle of boredom, I have managed to keep myself busy with some of my art. Some of you that follow my submissions should have noticed this recently. Who knew that being on bed rest could be so productive, right?! :P

Well, that's all the updates that I have for now.

As Otakon 2016 draws near, I am finding it difficult to contain my excitement. 

The past few months has consisted of my husband, Nick and I preparing our costumes, props and itineray for this three day Nerdvana <3

I must confess, I have been out of the cosplay game since 2010, but given the news that Otakon will cease it's annual convention in Baltimore and move to Las Vegas, I felt that by husband and I should take the opportunity to experience this last hurrah together. This is Nick's first big convention that he's attending and I want him to have the grand experience that I had in previous years. 

You may be asking:
"j0wey, what are you and Nick going as?"

The answer:

-Nick will be going as Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-I will be going as two characters:
Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Dead Pool 

I originally was just going to be Dead Pool, but the more I saw Nick's Costume coming together, the more I felt that I wanted to do a couples cosplay and what better character than Captain Phasma. The dream of being a Storm Trooper and a women at that! PURE.BAD.ASS.

As I conclude this journey, I have a few questions for anyone reading this:

Are you ready for the last hurrah for Baltimore, MD Otakon 2016?
Are you going to Otakon 2016?
-If so, are you dressing up and as who?

Maybe we'll run into one another at the convention, if so, feel free to say hi, take some photos hang out. What ever! Nick and I love meeting people at these conventions. 

TTFN (Ta-Ta for now)

To those who may be reading this journal entry now should be aware that this is not my first time being here. I used to have an account with Deviant Art that lasted up to seven years before I had decided to remove my art and disappear from the site for what I thought was for good. But It wasn't for any reason involving the site or anything that people might assume. I had lost touch with being an artist for several years due to matters of work that caused me to lose interest in the things I loved the most. In recent months, I've been reconnecting with myself on a personal level and found that it was the best thing to start fresh with a new account on the site. 

With that being said, I have spent a few years working on some projects both completed and in progress that I felt I needed to share to those who share the same love for art that I have and I hope that it brings joy to everyone who views my work. 

I'm looking forward to this new journey of my life back on the old path I took long ago.