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Ok, the DA website enforce me to delete the Gender Change Pills. I have to delete it so it would no longer there.
Hiiiiiiiinnnnnn!!!!!!!! I Love It! 
Now Discord finally works!
Discord is down globally.
I think we have to wait until tomorrow for it to get done again.
Evil J0N0S from the past timeline and God Gyze
"And now the world will be silenced, within the destruction I shall brought."- Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze.

15 years old J0N0S had awaken Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze. He was facing sadness, depression, anger, anxiety and covered in sins. He poses hatred towards mankind and reflects his bad memories he had with other people. Instead of trying to adapt and live within, he choose to become evil and harbinger all the destruction. And CardFight Vanguard was the key he will use to summon Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze. An ancient Deity who governs the Nothingness and the Void before all matters and entities exist in the universe. He found out that all of the six materials from Planet Cray, all six Zeroth Dragons can be a key to fulfil his summon of Gyze onto Earth and he would destroy everything in all timeline. The Universe is now in a big Chaos!!!!!

art by J0N0S 
and Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze is from CardFight Vangaurd G Z.
This is a gift and the OC inspired by Nini-Makes-Art and so all of the credits goes to her. I borrow the design from her and apply it to my OC. To test my skill and see people's reaction.

Devilady is a DNA sample of HyydraGirls, a humanoid race that lives somewhere very far. J0N0S 10 taken this DNA sample from the first time when he falls into the palace of Emperor J0N0S in the Earth he went to. He saw Nini and other OCs with J0N0S so he took the sample from Nini. And he use Devilady. They have firepower and thus this form had a DNA set as a female gender, Devilady can be used as a charismatic character for any spying mission. The light and flexible body allows the user to jump even higher. However, since this alien may have some dysfunctional mentalbilty, J0N0S 10 had to kept it and make sure he can use it well.

Devilady is a word from the word Devi + Lady. And Devi in Hindu/Sanskrit means angel or goddess. Not a devil like what people think. It's just about the vocabulary mixing that gave off such a name.
Yellow Wyvern
A giant wyvern home to the J0N0S Empire. It is a wild, male Wyvern who usually goes on J0N0S Palace's roof everyday and do a mate call. Which is quite annoying. But it likes to do that during the rainstorm days.
Art Block Spirit
Have you ever make an art badly or make a work that have show you no happiness before, I have experienced art block within this 24 hours and wish for it to just stop. But it is not easy to get it out as I thought. Still, I know how much my artwork wasn't value, it is an impurity and shouldn't have been made. I don't know if quiting this hobby from now going to make my mind more positive since I have nothing else I'm good with to do. But yeah, that's the Art Block.
Mami Wata
A spirit and goddess of water in the Shamanism beliefs of the Congolese people in the Congo River areas of Central Africa. She is known to be a beautiful goddess who would punish a fisherman who venture too deep into the restricted area and drown them to death. And she would give the good offerings to the fisherman who had protect and worship her by bringing them a fortune in their fishing. Mami Wata usually come with a python around her neck and some were said that she had two fish tails like the legs. However, the legend of Mami Wata could based on some aquatic animals in the Congo River areas such as the West African Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis), African Bonytounge (Heterotis niloticus) or the Vundu Catfish (Heterobranchus longifilis) which these animals lived in the Congo river and are powerful enough to drag humans from the canoe into the murky waters. The manatees can also be regard to resemblance a female human with fish tails. Which these could be where the Mami Wata were originated. 

art by J0N0S 
Characters based on a historical and mythological figure.
Sigh, I just got another art block and about to quit DA again. I just realised how childish and stupid I was of making art in anime styles. And it creates impurity to all of the manga/anime society with these types of cartoon/manga mix styles I have. I'm trying to practice to get to the anime style, but I just realized that this place is not for a kid like me to stay, so I have to leave. 
J0N0S 10 alien, Houkai
Here's J0N0S 10 alien called Houkai. A creature's DNA taken from the Honkai Beast from Honkai Impact 3rd. The ability is the mind control, technology take over and ability to release the laser from the head and the hand. The weakness is that it could be hit with the physical form and it can be drowned and shocked by water and electricity.
J0N0S 10 alien, Girugau
Girugau is an alien whose's DNA is taken from the Amphibian man from the Underworld from Undyne. His head is based off Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath). Girugau has a swimming ability and sharps claws for tearing and get a grip. His slime coat can protects him from bullets or any other sharp spears. The jaws has a strong bones that can crush trough titaniums. Thus, he can glow under a dark water and resist to any types of water he could be in, whether it is fresh or salt, oxygenated or polluted, he could breath through lungs and gills. The weakness he had is that he can't stay out of water more than twenty minutes.
Reflecting back into the past, I'd decide to practice arts and draw some of the most interesting things for nowadays. I've a project coming up and it's called "Resurrection of the Past" where I'd travel into my life history and revive many anime and cartoon characters back up again in my style. Hope it is going to be fun.

And now I've more times to continue the CardFight Vanguard arc tournament I have not finish it in this semester. Which I'd get it done on this summer too. However, we'd have to look at the timespan depends on how much times I have in the summer.

Hope this is an interesting project for every of my audiences to be ready to view it. And thank you.



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Pichapob Kangram
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm a sixteen years old kid who enjoys working on arts. Exploring, drawings. My passion starts since when I was five. Originally, I was raised and grown up in Thailand which my parents are both Thai. I've move to the international school in Vietnam to study and I'm planning to explore the theme of arts and keep going on.


If you wish to do commission, follow this link here:…

Request, I'll do consider case by case.
Art trades, if you are interested in. Feel free.

I like making free gifts for people. Yet, commission is the main thing here.
Links to my other social medias



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