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I don't think I was ever truly happy with this one. May have to redo it sometime

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This is pretty cool!
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I love it... for when you're just angry enough, but not so much that you're ready to commit murder.  ;-p  For instance, I just read we have 4 more days of snow coming, and at least a week of FRIGID temps.  Not a damn thing I can do about it, but it still pisses me off!  :angry: 
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It's 75 degrees (F) where I live
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He looks like Raphael the Ninja Turtle XD
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You may not like it, but I do! Very emotive, indeed. :D
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Eh, it's grown on me :)
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Mister angry has No Friends :icongloomyrainplz:
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This guy:You got a lucky track get on the gotta nemisis!
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