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Hokage Shikamaru

By J-u-m
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xD just imagine it
wow guys
You love so much Shikamaru???? So many comments and views xD and downloads ._.
Thank you guys :D
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Dec 17, 2010, 6:37:15 PM
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Shikamaru looks awesome!
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Thank you :D 
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Dattebayo? Huh? xD 
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I can see him now. Create a shadow clone to do all the work, and spend all day cloud watching.
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Haha that's a great idea :D 
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This is amazing Shikamaru is my favorite character in all of anime
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Haha yeah! Thank you :D 
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I would love to see him as the Hokage. But i guess because of his laziness he would never say yes to such a position ;)
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haha true xD
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Thanks for this art Jum :D
It's Awesome!
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Ha! Nice line art :D and Thank you!!! 
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This made me think of two other interesting options:

Choji, their Clan is like....huge and have never had a Kage. Least appreciated of the Major Clans and have more ability than people realize.
Also Ino-Shika-Cho sharing the spot. The perfect formation as the co-Kages? YEEEEES.
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Thanks you man :D 
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You know, I always loved asuma, maybe just because he had a beard, but shikamaru is just... yeah really, he's my favorite and here, you come along and draw him with a freakin', sexy beard!!!
Bless you xDDDD
And yeah, he would make a hell of a hokage! :D
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Thank you mate
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this is amazing!!!
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Thank you :D 
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awesome stuff! 
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why is this not cannon, although the way i see t, Naruto's gonna be the 7th, with Sasuke and Shikamaru being his advisers.
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what do you mean cannon?
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like an actual part of the series.
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You mean Shoonen :D 
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