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Well... I say "I think" because I only know my side of the story, for now. I haven't asked them for their side yet.

I colored everyday, at least 6 hours a day, for nearly 4 years. The end.

just kidding :) But seriously, I did do that and that helped, I'm sure.

Back in September I wanted a good sequential portfolio, A whole comic to show the editors that i could tell a whole story with my colors, but I couldn't show the whole comics I worked on for ColletteTurner and Hodges-Art because that would give away their story. So I began the search for a whole comic that was inked here on DA. No luck. There wasn't an inker who had inked a whole single comic and had it up for high res download. I googled it. No luck, again. Then I remembered 'Batman: Black and White' that was published for years, "That has a whole comic that's inked" I thought to myself. I'll buy it, cut it up, scan it in and then color it! I typed it into Amazon.com, "Rats!" not a whole 24 page comic in there! It was just a bunch of short stories and a lot of them had copic markers with the inks. But to my surprise, right below that listing was 'Batman Noir: Hush (www.amazon.com/Batman-Noir-Hus…). It was the whole 304 page story! Hush is my favorite comic ever, as well!
I bought it, waited the four agonizing days till it shipped to my house, then began cutting the book up, page by page. That was very hard to do, it was the most well made book I owned. It took a lot of patience and a steady hand to not rip any pages. I have an excellent BROTHER 11 x 17 scanner, so that was not an issue. The next part was coloring it, the fun part! I immediately uploaded each page after I completed the coloring and tagged sinccolor and jimlee00 on very page so that they would see them.
And apparently they were impressed by it enough to hire me on the spot. Well, as "on the spot" as you can with DC's red tape involved. it was about 14 days after I completed the first issue. I initially thought it hadn't made an impact and was about to start coloring issue two. I was determined to just keep coloring until something happened. One miracle later, something did happen. :)
And here is my re-coloring of Batman Hush:
Jeremiah-skipper-hush-cover by J-Skipper
Jeremiah-skipper-hush-page-1-colors by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-hush-page-2-3-colors by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-hush-page-4-colors by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-hush-page-5-colors by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-6 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-7-colors by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-8-9 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-10 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-11 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-12 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-13 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-14 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-15 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-16 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-17 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-18 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-19 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-20 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-21 by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-22 (1) by J-Skipper

Jeremiah-skipper-page-24 by J-Skipper
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Img 20161114 172248 by J-Skipper

I just got word that I can tell you all that I colored all 12 Jim Lee pages of the interiors of this comic: Suicide Squad #7! Out on 11/30!
Cover by jimlee00 , INKIST  and sinccolor!
Interiors by jimlee00  on pencils, inks by INKIST , RichardFriend , #SandraHope and JonathanGlapion , Colors by me!
It comes out the same day as the other comic I colored, Justice League of America #10! So on November 30th, double dose of JSkipper Colors!
I'm so happy right now, I'm absolutely honored to be chosen by jimlee00  and sinccolor  to be the colorist for this comic! I'm also coloring Suicide Squad #8, so put it on your pull list!
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Captur22e by J-Skipper

I colored the interiors!
Not my colors on the cover. But this is the cover to look for!
This cover is drawn by #BryanHitch and colored by the amazing and stupendous sinccolor!
I just got word that I can tell you all that I colored all 24 pages of the interiors of this comic: Justice League of America #10! It comes out November 30th, so mark your calendars and tell your local comic book shop to pre-order it! I was extremely blessed to have my first comic be the Justice League! Not only that, but my editors told me to use sinccolor's work as references (because he colored the first 8 chapters), I told them "I think I can do that 😏." So, color the Justice League and do it like Alex Sinclair. Yeah, #DreamJob.
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Yes, that's right! I'm now a full-time DC Comics colorist! Thanks so much to Jim Lee and Alex Sinclair! Apparently, they liked my work so much that they recommended me to their DC Editor and then he asked if I wanted to color for DC, I said "Of course!".
I don't know if I can tell you what I'm coloring now, but I can tell you I'm coloring the whole comic! I'll let you know what it is when I can.
Unfortunately, that now means that I don't have time to color anymore commissions, I am sorry about that. The good news is that now everything that you paid me to color for you is colored by a certified DC Colorist!DC Rebirth Logo by J-Skipper
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Want to see mine and Tom Hodges' work in a 32 page monthly printed comic series? Help fund our Kickstarter here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1…

Antiis Comics Presents by J-Skipper

Do you remember how exiting it was when Nick fury showed up in the first Ironman film and hinted toward an Avengers movie?! Now we have something called the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it's really cool!
Well, Tom Hodges is essentially doing the same thing in comic form! Tom Hodges has created a comic universe with all these amazing original characters!
If you would like a copy of the first issue of this new comic series drawn and inked by Tom Hodges and colored by me, than go here and help fund the Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1…
Each tier of funding offers different rewards! All Pledges will help us create this comic universe!

As you can see below, first will be Midknight for three issues and the the character "M" and it will go on from there, and down the road you will have team up issues! But, it all starts with funding the issue 1, which starts with you (Our fans).
0f4445c1412c9f830f2a8d00e7f65b2b Original by J-Skipper
Also here is a preview of the first 4 pages of the first issue, Midknight!

1 by J-Skipper
2 by J-Skipper
3 by J-Skipper
4 by J-Skipper

Thank you all so much for your time!!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
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