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Amazing Spider-Man - Inks

Can anyone tell me who the female character in this picture is? Because I don't know.

Feel free to color, just make sure to credit!

Pencils: :iconj-scott-campbell: Campbell
Inks: :iconj-skipper: Me

Inked with Illustrator CS6 and Wacom Intuos5
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© 2014 - 2021 J-Skipper
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Used lineart fully:
KH Ultimate Dissidia Marvel - Spiders Swinging Out by multificionado
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Used Spider-Man picture here:
KH Ultimate Dissidia Marvel - We Need To Find S/He by multificionado
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Her name is Julia Carpenter formerly known as Spider-woman. She change her name to Arachne when the original Spider-woman (Jessica Drew) came back.

Here's my own coloring version of this piece.…
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Oh, okay. Cool!

Thanks for the colors! :)
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CagsCreations was correct. This is the Variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #648. Her Name is Anya Corazon, Spider-Girl, previously known as Araña Julia Carpenter (Arachne) wore that costume first though.……
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Thank you, much!
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yay I was right , i figured it was spider girl because of her costume . anyways nice work !
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Great work on this one, loved it when it came out! The female character is Spider-Girl. Anya Corazon had a series before where she was Arana, then she got passed down that costume and became Spider-Girl.
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Oh, okay! :)
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The second Spiderwoman?
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three I think; though the first one is the one seen in comics these days
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Three!? wow...
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That I know of
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