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Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
© 2009 - 2020 J-Scott-Campbell
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Wow... the AtomicApple booth was outrageously busy. I was there with a bunch of other AZ artists at the other end of the booth and didn't even catch a glimpse of you!

Hope you had a good time.
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Anyone who couldn't attend; you didn't miss much.
JSC denied me a sketch/commission all 3 days :(

I bought a ticket to LBCC because he was listed in Artists Alley... but then he got bumped up to the Golden Apple booth & just signed stuff all weekend. It was still nice to meet him and buy all the books/prints/calendar, but I would have killed (or spent several hundred $) to get a quick 15-second sketch...
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Why do I have to live in Germany??
I really love your works!!
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Nderazorenaaaaaaaaaa i want to be here
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WoW I am finally in Cali lol but I am 3 to 4 hours away xD wish I can go lol
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Wish I was going :(
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Heh I live on the East coast (Nyc baby!) but i wish i could go!
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Is the online store open yet?
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Ah man! Sorry bro can't make it just bought a house and have a million things I need to do. But I hope this first Long Beach Comic Con goes over huge.

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I'll have to wait and see if you make a showing up at Emerald city Comicon in march.
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lol, long beach con... is this new? They've been hyping it for a long while now
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I wish I could go :( your only 5 hrs away!
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I hope it's a successful Con so that it return next year. But i will not be attending. But i'll send my nephew your way for commissions.....have a blast!
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wish I could go to get more of your fantastic art! Unfortunatly I am going to be at another convention this weekend selling my own. Bummer!
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I'll see you there man :D
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Have fun Jeff!
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Good luck Mr Campbell! Vancouver is jealous! ><
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Woot I'll be there!!! I'm a volunteer. I really hope I get to see you!
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I will be at your booth right when the doors open tomorrow!
I hope I can finally get my first JSC commission
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wish i could go!
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