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Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
© 2009 - 2020 J-Scott-Campbell
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hope to buy that calendar ~
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J Scott Campbell in Baltimore! pity that the distance has prevented me be there.
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dude get the online store sorted pleeeease!!! WE WANT THE MERCHANDISE lol
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Jscottcampbell.com store open yet?
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Aww, man. That's awesome! I'm going to be there!! Can't wait!
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Hope you have some prints left over for the store!
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Good luck sir! Being jealous as usual over here in Vancouver! ><
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J Scott Campbell coming to Baltimore!!! Woo Whoo!!! Can't wait... see ya there!
So sad I live in Argentina :(
I worship you man!
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Man I might have to drive over there to buy some more of your work. I had a friend pick up a sketchbook from you at SDCC, signed and all. 100% worth it. Also this work looks fantastic, but that's kind of a given.
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exelent works of the teacher of comic. when it can I am going to secure some illustration. the quality and the experience are your greater profit.

a greeting and continues working masterful.;)
............nihonryu artist and ilustrator.................
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Where is this store, I needs me a JSC sketchbook, damn these expensive college art projects Ill never afford a ticket to a con.
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Dude, I totally have a friend coming to this. Unfortunately, I wont be able to attend, it is too far from me.
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Hey how was Long Beach Comic Con? Was there a good turn out?
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I hope I can get myself one of the Emma prints from the online store, in case they will be available there^^
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I really love the prints you have for the upcoming Cons! Keep up the amazing work Campbell!
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hey scott, cant sleep? same thing over here in mexico, btw, thanks for the advise you gave me as a kid,im gonna publish now!!!
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