JSC at Wizard World CHICAGO Comic-Con Aug 6-9

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J. Scott Campbell at Wizard World CHICAGO Comic-Con Aug 6-9, Artist Alley #4022!

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
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i'm french and i hope your shop will deliver to my country, pleeeeeeease[link]
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Shit. I was at SDCC and I didn't check your DA page to see where you'd be before I went. I thought it was strange that only 5-6 really good artists were in artists ally.

DAMN... I missed seeing you JSC! I would have bought all your stuff. Can you please let me know when the online store is up so I don't over pay for your sketchbooks on eBay XD
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So I can buy all this from the online store right???!!! i missed out on the show due to work. :(
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Ohhh...looks like I'll need to stop by the ATM before heading out tomorrow...
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Hi J. Scott

A lot of people are wanting to know if you plan on having a statue line of your own like Adam Hughes and Mark Brooks does with Sideshow and Adam again with DC. I would love to see your work in statue form of the Marvel or DC Girls. You are a great artist and one of my favs.

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When's the store opening up? Gotta give you money!
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Damn I'd buy that Black Cat print if could...tsk. Ah well, Canada is simply too far away.
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AWESOME! Glad to know you're going to be there!
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I wasn't able to make it to comic con :(. When does your online store open I want to get your new books!
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I'm at 3110A! I'll be sure to stop by!
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SH*T SH*T SH*T!!!! I am in Vancouver. :(
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Before I leave the Americas continent, I will buy an art piece and get an autograph from you. *Places it in dreamlist* :D
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the oline store is a great idea!

have fun at the con!!

ps. cant wait till you release a comic!
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See you there! :D
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Good seeing you at the Comic-Con in San Diego. Have fun in Chicago!
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I'll get to grab this stuff after all! :D
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Lookin' forward to stopping by!!
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