JSC at San Diego Comic-Con 2009!!!

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Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
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So when in August will you be opening up the new store?
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are these books available online?
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hi i'm not sure if this questions has been answered further down the line. but on the website that will be opening in august (right?) will all u works including the calendar, cat-woman print, art & sketch books (yeah basically everything) be available? i mean will u have any left after comic-con?

thanks and i'm really looking forward to it. :)
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this guy has plenty, he had two or three helpers/servants with boxes and boxes full of the sketchbooks. The stuff isn't running out anytime soon, it is his main source of income and a hot seller.
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sweet thanks allot 4 the info :)
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How much do you pay them? I'm looking for a job in the comics field lol
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Man, I don't live in USA and I want your calendar what can I do?
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I'd love to make it to SDCC to get the sketchbooks (all 4 of them) and possible some original art.
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not all are sketchbooks
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i already realized that
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hell yeah master seeya at the con
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Well, I won't be able to make it to the show, but I look forward to buying that BC print off of your website. That looks awesome!
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Hey Jeff, just wanted to say I love your work.

I was wondering if you will have the same prints and books at the Chicago Comic Con? I want all of them!

Also, are you going to be doing sketches at Chicago? I would love to have a torso sketch from you for my sketchbook!

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Cant wait to see you man, I missed you last summer!

Aaron - from Colorado!
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Awesome!! Can't wait!!! Btw, will you be selling the Tall Sketchbook there too?
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Yes, I believe I will.
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Hey Jeff, wish I could get to San Diego to get these. But as you said, the online store will be open soon.

Anything you need, just let me know. Keep up the great work and enjoy San Diego!

P.S. Emerald City Comic Con 2010. (yes, I won't stop) :D
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Will you be doing sketches at WWChicago?
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Is the hardcover book like a prestige sketchbook? ...or is there more to it?
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It's an all-around artbook, some covers, sketches, never before printed, rarities, those sorts of things. It's a great collection of stuff! ;)
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better be some naked babes lol
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