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Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
© 2009 - 2020 J-Scott-Campbell
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You need to come to Heroescon, why for you never come Heroescon?
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Looks like it's time for a summer update :)
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I have been in Awe of your Work for years, You are Truly a "God In The Field" I am so envious of your talents and accomlishments!
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i need to see the image of that poster with mary-jane sitting on the couch properly!!!
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Wow! it was a pleasure to meet you at wonder con scott, your 2009 sketchbook is how we say... tick tick .. like the bomb.
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Great moment, great Man. I see news from you in any newspaper here in Brazil. ^^
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Hey Scott, Great 2009 sketchbook. Is the MJ with the red background sold already? Thanks man.
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Hey bought one of your sketchbooks and took a picture of you..haha didnt get to chat though - love your work!
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Love that print! Hope they're available to buy on the net!
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Jeff!!! For all your loving fans who can't make it to NYC or SDCC... Please let us pick up your new sketchbook (and awesome print(s))online somehow. Help us worship you.. hehe!
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I'll be there and I'll bring the pic I was mentioning.
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I'm excited to see you again. I will definitely buy your sketch book.
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I'll be there! The guest list is so long I missed a lot of people on it. That's awesome that you're gonna be there. I'll definatly purchase a print or sketchbook. Also, are you gonna be doing sketches and how do I go about getting one?
See ya in NYC
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I would pay anything for that sketchbook :(
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oh wow, I cant wait for the new sketchbook to come out :D
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oh man, I got to get these, love that MJ!
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Looking forward to seeing ya again :)
Hey Jeff, definately gotta grab one of those sketchbooks, see you there, Mike
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Dagnabbit. Sometimes I hate not living in the States. xD
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damn, the way you draw mj is so good, if i was spiderman id quit crime fighting and stay home!

im from australia, and i went to the nycc last year so i wont make it this year....pity you were not there but hopefully ill get to meet u sometime! come to sydney?

and please please please make these available online for us to buy! better you making the money then some clowns on ebay :)
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i want one of those prints with the oh so badness...
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Excellent news Jeff.
Oh and I can now take you off the missing list. Was thinking of sending a search party out ;)
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Any shot at you selling the sketchbook and print anywhere else? On your official website, perhaps?
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