Fairy Tale Fantasies 2014 Calendar!

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Available at www.jscottcampbellstore.com/ By popular demand, J. Scott Campbell returns with an ALL-NEW calendar of sexy sirens. One dozen of the most delicious and delectable images of the female form ever committed to paper, all in one extraordinary package. Each is based on a classic fairy tale, lovingly rendered by Campbell, and exquisitely colored by Nei Ruffino!
© 2013 - 2020 J-Scott-Campbell
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danfreewingsHobbyist Digital Artist
I have the pleasure of buying 2 of your  sketch books and the ravisihing red , not in the commic con since I live in a diferent country but still I'm soo  happy with it

I cannot thank you enough for doing such a manific art , that really keeps me inspired 

stay awesome X)!
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wayner8088Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wish I could be there to shake your hand :|
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AQUARules Traditional Artist

BATMAN NOEL....SUPERMAN EARTH ONE etc...... she rocks!
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spotted-catHobbyist Photographer
Soo wanted to go. And I live 30 mins from downtown!! grr!
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JAFNOVAHobbyist Writer
What sucks for me is that I can literally look out my office window at downtown San Diego right at the convention center itself and I can't get in because couldn't get a frecken' ticket in time. :( At least I still hang out around the Gaslamp Quarter which is right in front of the convention center, anyone who has been to Comic-Con knows there is some action around there. :)
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MecanicalpencilsHobbyist Artist
Nuff said...
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Hope to see you there!
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there's nothing...:P
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hachimitsu-inkHobbyist Digital Artist
I am guessing that there was supposed to be announcement via video source (like youtube or dailymotion) but apparently deviant art doesn't allow that sort of thing. Even if they do, they would just put a hidden link!

a huge guess but other than that, yeah..
its a huge blank O_O!
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but I thought it's permitted to put videos in journals. perhaps the link is broken.
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hachimitsu-inkHobbyist Digital Artist
your right, they do permit it.. but reduce it's size to a click me type

.....yeah we all don't know why he updated the journal
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JoeWillsArtProfessional Artist
yep. See ya there!
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hachimitsu-inkHobbyist Digital Artist
I dont see anything.. all I see is the title.
That's pretty it O_O!
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lethe-grayHobbyist Writer
Wish I could gooooo, but even though I'm still here in Mira Mesa, missed the ticket window, no money anyway, and no pro-guest badges for us from our typical sources. So this'll be the first con in 30+ years that I will not be attending. :/

I imagine you're gonna sell A LOT of those fairy tale items :D SO gorgeous. Will you have those Disney villain/montages too or are those things only available through the park/disney sites?
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Archange-st-MichaelProfessional Digital Artist
Ha if only I could get me a plane ticket and go. : (
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tombancroftProfessional Filmographer
Says video is not available. Whats the secret J?
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Yep... I noticed that too... ??? :-/
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