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FairyTale Fantasies • 2014 Calendar!

Available at By popular demand, J. Scott Campbell returns with an ALL-NEW calendar of sexy sirens. One dozen of the most delicious and delectable images of the female form ever committed to paper, all in one extraordinary package. Each is based on a classic fairy tale, lovingly rendered by Campbell, and exquisitely colored by Nei Ruffino!

The Ravishing RED • Hardcover Collection

✄ The Ruff Stuff Sketchbooks • Vols 1 & 2

Available at By popular demand, J. Scott Campbell returns with an ALL-NEW calendar of sexy sirens. One dozen of the most delicious and delectable images of the female form ever committed to paper, all in one extraordinary package. Each is based on a classic fairy tale, lovingly rendered by Campbell, and exquisitely colored by Nei Ruffino!

J. Scott Campbell's RUFF STUFF Sketchbooks Vol. 1 & 2 NOW Available for purchase at
All first orders will be SIGNED!

Volumes 1 and 2 of J. Scott Campbell's The Ruff Stuff sketchbooks! These uniquely created sketchbooks give you the look and feel of real pencil sketches in a spiral bound, 48 page sketchbook! These sketchbooks give you an inside look into the process of conception to reality of the J. Scott Campbell artwork you know and love!

Well, it's that time of the year again! I'll be at Booth #4601, same one I'm always at, along with
the Mistress of Color Nei :icontoolkitten: Ruffino

I'll be debuting TWO new sketchbooks and a Whole bunch of new prints! For more info on all of my new goodies, be sure to check out my SDCC 2012 Folder HERE!…

And watch the Trailer (Yes, TRAILER) for my 2 New 'RUFF STUFF Sketchbooks' just above!

Bye for now!

The Fairy Tale Fantasies 2012 calendar is HERE!

Collaborating once again with the incredible Mistress of Color Nei :icontoolkitten: Ruffino and stunningly designed by "JG" Roshell and Comicraft, 12 brand new months of pretty princesses and foxy fairytales!

Available for purchase HERE!:

with individual Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints available HERE:…

CTN-X=Talent Driven. Our theme this year is "The Future is Creative Your Own Future" For professional animators, studio executives and art students, the most anticipated trade show in the animation epicenter of the world, Burbank Calif,  is now only 2 weeks away. The Creative Talent Network Animation Expo (CTN-X).  For the first time world class professional talent in the animation industry will converge for 3-days during "Animation Week" in Burbank Ca. Get connected and more during an intense weekend full of educational programs, demonstrations, technology showcases, recruiting events, parties and after-hour networking. "If you don't like what's happening at the event now, just wait 30 minutes because something else really great will be happening." Says  Everyone will walk away from this event with more than the walked in with whether an idea, a job opportunity or a career mentor. CTN-X is 3-days of talent 2 talent privileged access from Friday November 20th – Sunday November 22nd.  We are proud to announce the following signature events:

•    The most influential cartoonist of this century, Ronald Searle Endorses CTN-X. "I am happy for my name to be used in association with the CTN-Xpo.  I am very pleased to be honored like this & quite surprised that people still think of me!" ~ Ronald Searle…

•    Comic Artist J. Scott Campbell Demonstrating live all weekend.

•    Dreamworks Animation talent  goes to CTN-X with  Production Designer Kathy Altieri, Animation Supervisor Dave Burgess, 3D animator Jason Ryan and many more.

•    Over 300 years of top talent talk casually about their careers and share industry secrets. Peter de Sève, Harald Siepermann, Kent Melton, Mike Mignola,  Lou Romano along with live demonstrations from top industry talent maquette artists Kent Melton and Ruben Procopio and many more all weekend long.

•    Find out the other secret from "The Secret of the Kells" with creators and moderator Charles Solomon.

•    The City of Burbank declares "Animation Week" for the Creative Talent Network.

•    Join us in this rare opportunity when leading characters designers from around the world get together for this round table entitled "The Line Kings".…

•    Over 50 presenters who have contributed to some of the highest grossing films in the history of animation, 60 exhibitors, studio portfolio reviews, after hours networking, screenings and an opportunity of a lifetime to meet and greet in an intimate privileged setting with this group.…

•    Special Screenings of "The Secret of the Kells" followed by round table discussions with the Producer and Director moderated by LA Film Critic Charles Solomon. "Banjo the Woodpile Cat" 30 years later with Don Bluth and Gary Goldman moderated by Cartoon Brew Founder and Animation Historian Jerry Beck.

•    Recession Buster Raffle.  $1000 cash plus prizes. One winner a day.

•    Pixar is in the house with Art Director Daisuke "Dice"  Tsutsumi, Animator and founder of Spline Doctors Andrew Gordon, Character Designers Derek Monster, Scott Morse, Bill Presing and here!

CTN-X takes place at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center with ample discounted parking, conveniently located near the Burbank Airport and Amtrak Station. Early bird pricing and discounted rates are available to students, active military and professional industry organizations. Have over 100 conversations in one weekend at this very different event. Early bird prices extended to Nov 15th. Prices start at $25 for exhibit floor only. For more information and to register, please visit: or call, (800) 604-2238. Be sure and use your J. Scott Campbell discount code for an extra 10% off any 1-day or 3-day general pass. SCAMPX09

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
J. Scott Campbell will be at the DALLAS COMIC-CON all this weekend, Aug 15th & 16th! Get all the details here!… Same items for sale as SDCC & Chicago including the 'SUPER PACK'! (Chicago Ad still posted below!)

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
J. Scott Campbell at Wizard World CHICAGO Comic-Con Aug 6-9, Artist Alley #4022!

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott

JSC at San Diego Comic-Con 2009!!!

Sat Jul 18, 2009, 1:16 AM

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott


Fri Jan 30, 2009, 9:55 PM

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott

JSC at San Diego Comic-Con!!!

Sat Jul 19, 2008, 7:51 PM
I've Got All Your J. Scott Campbell San Diego Comic-Con Info! Right here!

Looking Forward to Seeing A Lot of You There!

-J. Scott
As many of you know, Aspen comics CEO, creator of Witchblade, Fathom, and Soulfire, and all around inspiring artistic talent Michael Turner died this weekend after a very long and courageous battle with cancer. Like many, this news came as a tremendous shock Saturday morning because despite the toll the disease had taken on him over the years, the guy always appeared to be healthier looking, more fit and tan, and just happier and more energetic than the rest of us at comic book shows. I truly believed he would outlive us all.

Many might be surprised to know that despite our very similar paths in life, I didn't really know Mike all that well. Sure, we spoke on the phone several times over the years, exchanged pin-ups and covers for each other's creator owned projects, and even came very close to being partners in the original Cliffhanger comics line-up in the late 90's along with Joe Mad and Humberto Ramos. But in the end, we just remained acquaintances, sharing pleasantries at conventions like passing ships in the night and catching up on each-other's goings on through mutual friends and colleagues. Which is why I'm a little startled at how much his passing is affecting me today. Perhaps it's because of those intertwined paths.

You see, we both broke into comics, Image Comics, around the same time and around similar ages in the early 90's. I joined up with Jim Lee's Wildstorm studios, he joined up with Marc Silvestri's Top Cow. I was fortunate enough to have break-out success with Gen 13, he had breakout success with Witchblade. We also both seemed to simultaneously garner a mutual reputation for drawing sexy women in what would be defined as the "Image style", and seemed to be constantly linked and compared with each-other around this same time. later we both broke away to create our own very successful comic book sensations, Fathom and Danger Girl. Like I said, we just seemed to be linked in some sort of strange cosmic way, like brothers in comic-dom. Constantly competing with each others success, and ultimately, becoming much better craftsmen from that spirited competitiveness. bottom line, I think we made each other better artists.

When I first met Mike, I'll be 100% honest, I don't think we clicked. He seemed to be a bit arrogant to me, perhaps a bit full of himself for my taste. He just seemed to be good at everything and would make sure you knew it. But as the years went on I began to realize that I had Mike all wrong. He wasn't arrogant at all, he just had a lust for life. He lived life to the absolute fullest. No day, no time was wasted. The guy wasn't only a comic book artist, but an avid skier, a scuba diver, a trained martial artist, the list goes on and on. And what may have initially seemed like him being full of himself was really just an intense drive to be the best at what he could be. It goes without saying that the guy wanted to take on the world. Not only constantly taking risks with new creation after new creation but having the balls to create his very own comic book company. Trust me, you need to have a healthy ego to succeed in this business. You have to believe in yourself more than anybody, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and Mike just really and truly believed in what he was doing.

I didn't know Mike Turner as well as I wish I had, but his life is a real inspiration to me and will continue to be. He's taught me not to let the "bad" in life get you down, and to pursue your goals and your dreams no matter what obstacles life throws in your way. And most importantly, to get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and live every day to the fullest because everyday is a gift to be cherished.

You will be missed Mike.

J. Scott Campbell

Devious Journal Entry

Sun Mar 9, 2008, 3:39 PM

Who Am I?

I'm a comic book artist and creator who's worked in the field of comics for over a decade. I've either created or co-created such books as the long-time fan favorite GEN 13, the mega hit Danger Girl and the highly innovative Wildsiderz.

And no, this isn't just a fan created page, YES! this is really me!


Currently, I am working on an upcoming, large scale, highly anticipated, SPIDER-MAN project for MARVEL comics. Also look forward to the final two issues of Wildsiderz this coming year! Stay tuned for further details as soon as they become available!

And I also wanted to send out a very special thanks to everyone who visited and took the time to look around here at my new page. I can't remember when I've ever had such a warm welcome. A very special thanks to DA veterans diablo2003,cheeks-74 and Eldelgado for their kind and generous mentions of me in there journals. The traffic to my page went through the friggin' roof thanks to your referrals. And thank you to everyone who posted and sent me such nice messages. Though it's nearly impossible for me to personally respond to each and every person, please know that I read every message. Thank you.

All the best,
-J. Scott
Look for me MARCH 15th at WIZARD WORLD LOS ANGELES, Signing at The GOLDEN APPLE Booth #207 (SATURDAY ONLY!!)


MARCH 15 at <a href=""_blank">WIZARD WORLD LOS ANGELES</a>, Signing at The GOLDEN APPLE Booth #207 (SATURDAY ONLY!!)



Thank You!

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