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Walter White

Walter White/Heisenberg pencil sketch (green tint added in PS6) Perhaps more to come before the finale. Stay tuned!
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Nice work, Jesse.

One of the most interesting characters in TV history!
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If this doesn't portray "Ming the Merciless", this man should audition for the part  .... Great work !!   
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"I'm the go ahead....say my name"
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 "Yours is just some tepid off-brand, generic cola. What I'm making is classic Coke." -Heisenberg

One of the best TV shows ever!
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You shall be remembered fondly, Mr. White, you sick, deranged genius.
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*starts dramatic slow clap* 👏 👏 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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GREAT WORK! Love your style! You captured his features so well in a realistic yet also twisted style.
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God i love it :Q___
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Nice JOb! He looks as sick as his cancer or greed. Actually both.
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"Youre Heisenberg"
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"You're goddamn right"
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Do you wanna biuld the meth laaaabbbb come on let's cook some meeeeeth xD
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Very "Mort Drucker".    That's not a bad thing.
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to think he was Malcolm's dad xD Really great actor and great show

and great pic :)
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I am the one who knocks, BITCH
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