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WHITE Hot : Hardcover collection

The cover of my Hard Cover collection WHITE Hot!! Colored by the incredible Mistress of Color :iconbakanekonei:! 48 pages of full color illustrations! Volume 4 in this HC collection.

Available HERE!:


Interiors Previewl:

11"x17" print also available here!:

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Brilliant art work, well done.
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Rei & Asuka… kek I really thought this was a Evangelion fan art… 
I thought that was Rei from Neon Genisis Evangelion at first...
maggotofdeath666's avatar
So its not badass rei and fantasy asuka?
Amazing picture!!
aaronboldavian's avatar
without words is so Coooooool
Can you make one with just the girls kind sir?
MirkAnd89's avatar
I'm so in love with your beautiful works!!!!!
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im so cosplaying as her this year!!!!!!!!!!!
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wow ithick is hot i love it i would love to see more.
leodark's avatar
I just bought this book, great pics inside! :)
halleymurray's avatar
your art is excellent
Letdragon's avatar
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Sci-Fi and fantasy! Nerd-gasim! (sorry keyboard...I made a mess...)
Alf-Alpha's avatar
It's Too hot to be true!
suky's avatar
Love it!!!
penisboobies's avatar
love your work always have always will
SilentRun's avatar
Im such a big fan... Your style is one of the best Ive ever seen!
Greetings Silentrun!
Jedi3909's avatar
wow, very cool. It looks like you may have some Blizzard influences here? Left to right: Blood Elf, Orc and a Ghost from Starcraft.
Or, maybe not. Either way, it looks great!
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awesome, whate else...
DeadCobra's avatar
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love the red-headed elf chick. don't know who she is but to say she's hot would almost sound like a bad pun so i will just say i like her.
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