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Uncanny X-MEN #19 cover

Uncanny X-MEN #19 cover - Featuring Magik (and her BIG sword!), Emma Frost and Cyclops in their newer outfits!

Pencils and Inks by ME! 

Colors of course, by  Nei :icontoolkitten: Ruffino !
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Always an inspiration, I sculpt in Blender :)

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X-Men trinity. Cyclops, Emma and Magik. :D
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- do you an Arthur Adams hang out much ?

kindred souls, methinks .
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. . . . not to use words like

( overmuch )

-but still . . . . 


p.s. - when it starts to resemble anime, well , ARTISTIC AVENGER, please please please
rethink, and re-assemble.

p.p.s. as god,  ( NO , NOT KIRBY, ) once said ;
 . . .nuff said.

p.p.p.s  ( KIRBY is too much fun to be "GOD" ,....probably SATAN, or a  "New God" or sumsuch bother!
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Wow, enviable talent xxx
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Always stunned by your covers. Amazing work.
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dude way awesome
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Love Magik, Hope you do more of her.
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Totally Awesome!!!! :O 
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Amazing cover. A little point though. I have seen Illyana wield a second sword on various covers so far, but she never uses it in any of the comics.
Very, very beautiful.
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I find Magik quite attractive
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Wooooo! I love Magik. BFS FTW!!!!!
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Magik has been a favorite since her first appearance, the way she grew in Limbo, Belasco, Sym and all. I like how the outfit styles match with Emma and Illyana and get ready people.. blast me for my opinion... to me Emma will always be White Queen Hellfire sexy, Magic was best as Darkchylde with a real sword not the manga oversized crap and Scott... maybe the worst costume ever, his colors and frame blend into the brick behind him and yes, Emmas right foot is unnatural.

All together though wonderful as always and it keeps getting better with constructive criticism and work. Can I do better? Not in a million years.
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Cool, really like seeing Magik again. :)
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Emma's legs are just...wrong. They look as if they're in different lengths. And the foot looks so curved it's broken.
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Lets see u do better
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Splendor that combines the cute and Eros.
I like how Magik's being portrayed recently. She's got a crap ton of issues and she's got veins full of demon blood and hell itself. She's brusque, she's abrasive, and she's not the person people go to for a chuckle. THAT's her character, not some 'oh well everything's okay I just have some funky powers' poodoo. As for the artwork, there's no point to saying it's awesome. It's by Campbell :)
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Nothing can go wrong with blondes having big swords :3
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