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Totally 80s

An "oldie" but a "goodie"! This originally appeared back in Wizard magazine #136 in 2002 as the opening spread to an article entitled "80's EXTREME!"

Pencil line-art by ME! Digital colors by the talented Matt Milla!

UPDATE!: (Robert Stack: "Unsolved Mysteries" voice!)

"Woooaaahhh!!!" Over 30,000 views and about 500 comments in 24 hours!!! And without being an "Official Daily Deviation"! You guys are the BEST!! Ok, just a few additional general replies:

* The robot looking, armored guy in black on the far right is a "Micronaut"! I agree, I didn't think he was in the same league as the rest, but the editors at Wizard magazine insisted he be there for some reason, so, "there you go!"

* I too have a soft spot for SilverHawks, M.A.S.K, The REAL Ghostbusters, Bravestar, and even Jem!, My little Pony & Rainbow Brite (Lol!) but this was the list that we came up with as a group! Maybe I'll have to do a "Totally 80's" II (Yes, with roman numerals, 'cause that's SO f**kin' 80's!!! ;-P!) Make your suggestions be heard!

* Yes, "Battle of the Planets" (or "G-FORCE" as it will ALWAYS be known to THIS big kid!) was probably more 70's, you're right...

* YES, there IS a Robotech back there!

* Comments that mentioned Mrs PacMan, finding the Rubik's cube, and specifically taking the time to locate ALL 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, give yourselves a GOLD STAR, You guys RULE!

And for a little "SeX-ay 80's"...

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I would like a signed cooy of this it!:headbang:

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Despite being a 90s kid, I remember watching most of these shows!
Serious question: Is there a way to purchase this at poster size - either a print, or a digital download of sufficient resolution to print as a poster? 
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Why didn.t you include Inspector Gadget Penny and Brain 
Penny by Godzilla2137

Yeah,he didn't include Inspector Gadget and a whole bunch of the other classics from the decade (as he even admitted).

Like he said,I think he should do a Totally 80s II!

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Oh Hell Yeah !!    I want this as a poster on my wall.   This is my Childhood in a nut shell.
Forgot the real ghostbusters.
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so epic how did you do this its just so good
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Hey man!, your illustration inspired me so much that a had to tattoo it on me. AWESOME ART!!
Totally 80's Tattoo by Kyan-Uto  
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What about Dinosaucers?
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I sure miss that era
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Damn I miss the 80"s.Cry emote 
Ah the 80s, a time of male characters with ambiguous sexualities, a focus on sales more than actual plot, repeated plot, and originality... I don't know what I missed, but I feel it was something you had to be there for.

Oh yeah.Without question,you to be there for it.

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The 80s/90s was awesome!
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Robotech, Voltron, G-Force, Transformers G1, damn... Good old times
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G.I. Joe, He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron.

Man I miss the 80s.
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This needs to be on a T-shirt because I would soooo sport it!^^ 
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Awesome art you draw, I think I like it.

But what about Dinosaucers?
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