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TinkerBell 2011 preview

Fairy Tale Fantasies 2011 calendar A follow-up to last year's 2010 calendar:

Collaborating once again with the incredible Mistress of Color Nei :iconbakanekonei: Ruffino and stunningly designed by "JG" Roshell and Comicraft [link] , 12 brand new months of pretty princesses and foxy fairytales!

Available for purchase HERE!:


(While supplies last!)

Original Artwork of this illustration for sale HERE!:

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I soooo wanted this when it first came out. Life intruded. I still want one! Is it available? The link seems to be broken...

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Your style is a lil bit like the style of michael turner... i love it 👍
rpgstilltheend's avatar
What a hot Tinkerbell. You drew her so perfectly. And is she going nopan under her skirt?
4V3NG3D-S3V3NF0LD's avatar
I've never seen her look more like a slut in my life. Her dress BARELY covers her ass!' What the fuck?!?! I'm horrified that this is what people think of Tink.…
Someguy1997's avatar
Tink's lookin' mighty fine!
KeirTanaka's avatar
I couldn't help but notice it's almost as if she's attempting to punish herself with her own foot or perhaps directly punishing her foot with her derriere!
DaimoNxx's avatar
Lovely girl. She's one of a kind
linkstering's avatar
Very well done she is extremely beautiful.
JackErickson's avatar
One thing I love about the way you draw Tink - you never lose the cute into the sexy.
deeclear's avatar
This is so freaking awesome. I love her wings and the way you use color in this one. 
Beautifull and very sexy!!
MuffinPlantation's avatar
Guys... just stop complaining. Enjoy the artwork.
Sanjii's avatar
...Her left leg looks broken.
Eyes... eyes are too far from each other...
SweetestRevenge2734's avatar
No it's not. The distance between two eyes should be the width of the person's mouth. This is just about right. :)
mypreciuuss's avatar
BAM!!! faerie goodness . nuff said
this-is-a-paradox's avatar
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That's just crazy impressive. I literaly can't think of anything to say about it, it's that stunning! :D
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