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The Wizard of OZ

Fairy Tale Fantasies 2010 Calendar!

Ha! I might be the LAST person on the internet to actually post these, but I figured, this is "MY" Deviant art page after all, right? It'd be silly if I didn't feature them. After all, I'm extremely proud of these and the truly inspired color artistry :iconbakanekonei: did on them!

And be sure to pick up THIS year's 2011Fairy Tale Fantasies calendar, which can be found HERE!:


(While supplies last!)

Signed PRINT Available HERE!:


You might also enjoy a taste of the Wicked side!:
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This is something id hang on my wall
sakpalamey's avatar
Care for an oil change Dorothy?
NSEWbill1357's avatar
I have to say that this drawing is kind of on my mind ,because I always thought that her dress world be that short by the time she
Dualband47's avatar
wow..really impressed with this :)
The-Last-Phantom's avatar
Awesome concept and style!!!

Hiro hug. 
ghostbusters5's avatar
Dorothy looks really gorgeous and sexy 😍😍😍😍😍!!!! I really love your artwork!!!!!!
Kurai-sensai's avatar
Lovely ... how about a new calender side: The goblins of the labyrinth ??? 😢
simmons-art's avatar
Love the tin mans gear
CatDefender's avatar
Nice picture but the shoes are silver not red
MyInsaneNightmares's avatar
Must correct you there "ruby red shoes" she got them when she dropped out of the sky and squashed the wicked witch from the east. So J.Scott Campbell got it right.
MercuryRider's avatar
They were silver in the book.  I the movie they wanted to make them red because movies were begining to have technicolor and they wanted the shoes to be bright.
RainbowAsylum-RS8J's avatar
Nice redesign you got here
Brilliant-Steampunk's avatar
I really like the way you drew Scarecrow! He reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo :D
ImdaBatman's avatar
Congratulations to Scarecrow for hitting that
Shellsock's avatar
Tin man is the Terminator
REDANTArts's avatar
Azane-Yukiya's avatar
I don't know how you do : she's sexy AND adorable ! Amazing job ! <3
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