Smurfette... all smurfed up
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Um... what the title says! ;)

With that new Smurf movie coming out, I've seen lots of people either doing "Sexy Smurfettes" or worse, reworking mine and calling it their own! Thought it might by worth reposting the ORIGINAL!

PITT pens, Sharpie poster-paint pen, and a bit of prismacolor on Canson colored paper. Voilà!

Featured in the FACES sketchbook!:


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mattludlam99|Student Traditional Artist
love it!
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Damej|Hobbyist General Artist
I’d love this more with some colour 
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great work
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I love this kneeling pose. It's just so sexy-looking; it accentuates the curves.
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R0D1MUS's avatar
One of the best books I have read is 'how to steal like an artist' it is a quick read and the very reason I have decided to reference your style so openly and freely. I have my own simpler style but I definitely use what you display as a template to build from. You, Greg Horn, and Michael Turner ( bless his family) are phenomenal...okay and Jim Lee and John Byrnes as well. romita jr too. shoot alot of you guys are great in your own right, are the top tomatoes in my book as great pin up and female sketch artists. I think maybe, no make that I am sure you are the best. I first saw your work in your Long running '...Wonderland' series. Thank you for being so prolific. I will respectfully use your work as my foundation because of it. I hope someday soon I can show you, or you will invite me to show you what I can do with my pen, and pencil, and stylus. Thanks again! An almost 40 year old comic book fan and collector of Hasbro and Mattel toys.
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wow! pretty good!
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SydneySavage10|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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DeuteriumTritium's avatar
You have an original style, that i like so much.
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Thire01's avatar
Awesome!!!!! I should have watched this version of the Smurfs years ago!!!!!
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Owl-Robot's avatar
Owl-Robot|Hobbyist Artist
So wrong...And yet...
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Permgirl's avatar
your Smurfette is by far the best ive seen! love her, you should make more!
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matikkah's avatar
I just got the WOW moment.

I have a guestion to you. Can I use this picture with little mixes to my floorball mask ? answer back asap.
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Implicit-Bookcarrier|Hobbyist General Artist
I would love to shove my smurfing smufer up that smurfin surf till I smurf all over her smufage.
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acla13|Professional General Artist
Very great outline, and she looks very sexy. :clap:
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Smurfin' HOT!
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smurtiful ºWº
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WaywardMartian|Professional General Artist
Woah, SUPERhot! Amazing work :D
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Smurfette, like good wine, gets better with time.
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jotaro-shima|Hobbyist General Artist
Smurf yeah!!
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Doryane-01's avatar
Doryane-01|Hobbyist General Artist
I love Schroumfette! :)
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Irmalover's avatar
All smurfs gasp seeing her.
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ZenitramArtist's avatar
ZenitramArtist|Professional General Artist
A very sexy smurfette. Sexy as all smurf.

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Foxi-Loxy|Professional General Artist
im blue dabadeedabadaa~ :D
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