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'Raiders' Indiana Jones

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In the spirit of the upcoming new "Indiana Jones" film, which looks AMAZING, here's an Indy sketch I drew up just a few years back.
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I love your style!
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  Love the Raiders title, once upon a time it was just "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
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Dunno why, but making his face thinner actually gave him that 'road-worn' adventurer look more than the films themselves! Good job!
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Way cool! It actually looks like something that would've been drawn in Indy's lifetime
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Hey .. you can check out the VERY FIRST ever rendition of INDIANA JONES drawn by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL way back in 1990 as a High School Student for his now Legendary TIME CAPSULE Yearbook Insert Poster that CREATIVE FORCES LTD. marketed throughout Colorado.  More information can be found at .    I've uploaded the drawing on my page.
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this is really good , now its in favorites
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Love it, Indy might even dig this one
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I wish i had the talent to do these kind of sketches.

keep it, this is amazing.
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Truly ep-tastic! XD
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this is awesome.....the new indy film was not so much.
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OMG IT'S INDIE!!!! :iconloveloveplz:
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"you're insulting them, and you're embarrassing me... eat it"

nice work.
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i was always an indy fan i think you really captured his likeness cool......
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this looks GREAT!!!! =]
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The STAR WARS comic books NEED you! Would love to see some old/young OBI WAN, YODA, MACE WINDU, and so on.
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