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Marvel Comics Presents color

Final cover with incredible digital color by the superpowered mutant of color :iconeldelgado:!

Inks ONLY, here:
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Just one question. Why are Deadpool, Hulk, Taskmaster, Captain America, Ka-Zar, Zabu, Magneto, Daredevil, Man-Thing, Namor and the 2 dinosaurs on the cover? Anyway, it was a great comic and I'm an owner of that comic and honestly, I love the cover art more than the rest of it. Great job.
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I spy Tony Mastersssssss!!!!! <3 Good work!!!!
thats sooooooooo amazing art can you make a punisher art? or daredevil and punisher fighting or something art thats even better XD
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Hell yeah! stunning and great art work dude.
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I love the inclusion of the dinosaurs! Epic!
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Hulk considers taking a bite of a shapely backside in hsi face and while nobody is watching Deadpool ginsu's Man Thing into a salad.
Marvelous work 😊
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my eyes are burning :) :) it´s to much power in a single piece
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Amazing colours :D
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Amazing!!! That's all I can say...
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awesome! totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wow it is simply awesome
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Awsome, just awsome.
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I love you for adding Deadpool. I LOVE YOU. X]
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deadpool!! :D Yay!! my favorite marvel character!
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