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Posting this to inform any of you who perhaps didn't know that I've been active on Instagram for the past year at:…

I've been posting all kinds of things that you won't find here such as:

• Drawing Step-by-Steps,

• Studio Photos, 

• Convention Sketches, 

• My Artistic influences, 

• Clips from my favorite Animation, 

• and some Day-in-the-Life pics as well

...just to name a few! I've been VERY active on there, I try to post 2-3 pics a day, so come by and check it out! I think you'll dig what you find!

Hope to see a lot of you there!

-J. Scott
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I will definitely visit your instagram. Thanks for the link!
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Well I will have to join Instagram now! And the fact you have a vid of Lana Del Rey (who is my fav singer) makes you even more awesome!
First off, let me just say, and I know at this point you've heard this a million times and are probably sick of hearing it, but you're my favorite artist. A modern day Norman Rockwell with an instantly recognizable style with lavish settings and ideas that almost make what your looking at become real. I've always wondered what your commission prices were but have never asked because I knew they'd be pricy, so here goes. How much would you charge for an eleven by seventeen colored piece for a full body figure.  Thank you for your time.
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OMFG how are you able to draw these BEAUTIFUL drawings I try so hard and practice till im brain dead its IMPOSSIBLE to be as good as you! I applaud you on how hard you work and how you do things for your fans!  :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) =P (Razz) Wink/Razz Love Meow :3 Nod :happybounce: Hug Giggle 
 Clapplz Butterfly Free avatar Heart - Free 
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And knowing is half the battle! Looking forward to seeing all the new work.
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Nope...but following you now! :D
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Had no idea... and I've been avoiding Instagram for a long time because I didn't want to get sucked into yet another social media site.

Too late, now.  I followed your link and opened Pandora's box.  Did you have to post so much great and different content there? We definitely grew up admiring the same stuff (e.g. Mort Drucker's work in the MAD parodies, Don Bluth's supercharged Disney-styled Daphne via someone who could actually make it to that part LOL).

I could get lost in your work and your websites for years I think I've fainted.
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good need see, great art!
ana21410's avatar
Your work is awesome ;)
ana21410's avatar
Already following! You're work is awesome
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Same's a lot easier than posting to my blog on a daily basis.

J-Scott-Campbell's avatar
Ha! Oh man… The many failed attempts I've had at "blogging"! ;)
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Ah nice of you to let us know where your internet activity is hiding. Thanks.
I will definetly check it out soon...
Ennayenaled's avatar
Ah Slue foot Sue! Right on! No wonder i love this guy!
Who doesn't love that hottest and sexiest cowgirl in the Wild West, Slue-Foot Sue?
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Aw, now I'm going to have to join Instagram!  I can't keep up with you young kids….first the Facebook, then the Tumblr, now the Instragram.  Seriously, I was thinking about it (and ditching Tumblr, possibly) so this post may have tipped the scales for me.  (I have to see if I've influenced you in some way!)
J-Scott-Campbell's avatar
Ha! I'm flattered to be referred to as a "young kid" Tom! Let's keep that illusion alive!! ;)

I never had Tumblr explained to me in a way that convinced me I needed it, but I can make a strong argument for Instagram if you're ever interested Tom. Oh, and it's accessible through the link above, but it's really a smart phone (iPhone) platform experience. Hence, why I think it's important. They say most 25 yo and younger are getting 90% of their media that way alone! So this perfectly markets to their screens and their short attention spans! lol! ;)
tombancroft's avatar
Okay, you've sold me!  I'm in.  I'll be looking you up soon.  And next to me, you're a young'n!  
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You aré The best !! ❤️❤️
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I just came across an article you did way back in January 1995 for Wizard. You were working on Gen 13 at the time. My favorite quote is "I collect comics for the art, not the title" 

Your work is amazing, have been a fan a long time!! Happy Holidays!!
J-Scott-Campbell's avatar
Ha! That quote is still very true today! :)
JCecalaIV's avatar
Figured you would get a kick out of that.
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Great job J-Scott!
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