FairyTale Fantasies 2014 calendar cover
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Returning with 12 ALL NEW images in the NEW FairyTale Fantasies calendar 2014 ! with stunning colors again by Nei :icontoolkitten: Ruffino 

Signed Calendar and Limited Edition Art Prints Available NOW at www.jscottcampbellstore.com/

See the YouTube PREVIEW video on YouTube!: j-scott-campbell.deviantart.co…

(Media: My part, PITT pens on 11x17" bristol board. Yep, inked by me! Digital coloring)

*I previewed this before, but here is the FULL cover to the FairyTale Fantasies 2014 calendar created with Nei :icontoolkitten: Ruffino and JG Roshell of Comicraft handling the typography and design. I LOVE how this cover came out, exactly how I originally envisioned it. And Nei brilliantly pulled of the subtle but effective color shifting "rainbow" effect transitioning up though the cascading characters that really creates a sense of harmony in an otherwise chaotic layout. Super proud of it! My favorite FTF cover to date!

Featured in:

Also featured in the 2014 calendar:

FTF TinkerBell 2014 by J-Scott-Campbell FTF The Little Mermaid 2014 by J-Scott-Campbell FTF 2014 SnowWhite by J-Scott-Campbell FTF 2014 Tiger Lily by J-Scott-Campbell FTF 2014 Neverland's Mermaid Lagoon by J-Scott-Campbell

FairyTale Fantasies 2014 Teaser Set 1 by J-Scott-Campbell FairyTale Fantasies 2014 Teaser Set 2 by J-Scott-Campbell FairyTale Fantasies 2014 Teaser Set 2 by J-Scott-Campbell 
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orabich|Professional Digital Artist

 Great work!


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I love it~
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Brave-Shine|Hobbyist Writer
So beautiful!!, Just ... Amazing! 
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RedRylee|Hobbyist General Artist
You are a treasure.
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This mightmaybesortof inspired a poem...
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tomy65|Hobbyist Photographer
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Ziggy-FoxCat|Student Digital Artist
Too much sexy in ONE PICTURE. :heart:
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Very Nice!! Been waiting for this for a long time and I can't wait til I get my copy in the mail!!  ^_^
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Will this be at the Edmonton Expo Sept 28/29 2013? I would love to pick one up!
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EvilMay|Student General Artist
when is the calendar up for sale because i'd really like to buy one?
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didoo0501|Hobbyist General Artist
Hi ! I love your work it's just amazing the way you twist everything so beautifully ! I was wondering when will the 2014 calendar be available ? I couldn't find it on your website and since I'm French San Diego is sadly not an option for me LOL
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I want a room devoted to your art!! You are an amazing and talented artist!
Do you draw pin up girls? I want one in a tattoo.
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Pikachufan1436's avatar
I got the Calender
and I <3 it!!!!!!!! especially the Neverland Mermaids XD
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Sincityboi's avatar
I have gotten the calender the 2011 & 2012, i bought 2 of 2012 edition and had one framed and it came out Incredibly Awesome! I CANNOT WAIT for the 2014! Edition!
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HiroAnimation|Student Digital Artist
A calender sweet. I may have to get when it comes out online.
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Aldrea945|Hobbyist General Artist
NO.  NO.  BACK OFF POCAHONTAS.  Campbell, They all look the same, and you are dabbling BIG in broken spines.  Please, learn to draw women RIGHT.  You have too much talent to waste doing this.
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saphire644|Hobbyist Artist
Those positions aren't back breaking...a lot of people are capable of doing them. Do you know that people like you have been insulting him all over the internet? You don't make this situation any better. He has his own style, I saw your other comment on his other picture.
"Boobs don't work that way" Maybe you're saying that because you're jealous that his art is so much better than yours. And all of them look the same? Do you know how hard it is to maintain the same style and face shape in 8 different people? It's difficult. So shut the hell up.
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I took a look at your page... I'm not going to pick on you. And that's Tiger Lily btw. :)
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KomadoriKazashimo|Hobbyist General Artist
Art is being able to choose the draw and create what you want. Back off. If you don't like it you don't have to look at it. Go create your own. 
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puffkinsrus|Student Digital Artist
Thank you! I am so tired of people complaining about other people's work just because their style doesn't suit them.
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J-Scott-Campbell's avatar
Welcome to DA! ;)
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ImJadey|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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nightinpinkunderwear|Hobbyist General Artist
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TheLordandtheRing|Student Traditional Artist
If all the disney girls looked like that I'd be watching Disney movies all day....
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