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FTF The Little Mermaid 2014

"The Little Mermaid" from FairyTale Fantasies 2014

Returning with 12 ALL NEW images in the NEW FairyTale Fantasies calendar 2014 ! with stunning colors again by Nei :icontoolkitten: Ruffino 

Signed Calendar and Limited Edition Art Prints Available NOW at

See the YouTube PREVIEW video on YouTube!:…

(Media: My part, PITT pens on 11x17" bristol board. Yep, inked by me! Digital coloring)

Featured in:

FairyTale Fantasies 2014 calendar cover by J-Scott-Campbell FTF TinkerBell 2014 by J-Scott-Campbell FTF 2014 SnowWhite by J-Scott-Campbell FTF 2014 Tiger Lily by J-Scott-Campbell FTF 2014 Neverland's Mermaid Lagoon by J-Scott-Campbell

FairyTale Fantasies 2014 Teaser Set 1 by J-Scott-Campbell FairyTale Fantasies 2014 Teaser Set 2 by J-Scott-Campbell FairyTale Fantasies 2014 Teaser Set 2 by J-Scott-Campbell
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Amazing! Your art is truly inspirational!

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Ooh~, look at that handsome man~! :)
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anybody else lookin at the stud on the ground?? no, just me...
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Boobs are not balls
WhiteMaskP's avatar
undertale draws are not draws
Estynon's avatar
That makes no sense
WhiteMaskP's avatar
Also your comment
Estynon's avatar
Um not true because I was standing that a body part the boobs: are not shaped like balls as thay are in the picture
Estynon's avatar
* stating (?) (Dont judge I have a disorder that makes it hard to read and speel)
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Ye but you can't say that to a professional artist, he already knows, he just like to make boobs on that way, just watch another of his artworks, you cannot criticize something if you don't know how to draw or how the art style works, don't try to act with superiority if you are like from years far of practice of drawing like him
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1. I was trying to give criticism so be an ass

2. I can draw

3. You don't even know how long I've been drawing for

4. You over think things so STFU
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Someone get a chyropractor and a licensed surgeon to fix her poor melted body, broken arms and her rubber stretched and broken spine. 
Or is this a bottomless mermaid posing with a topless mermaid, and they couldn't line up exactly resulting in this... Mangling of a mermaid?
Dude, no offense to your art, seriously the colouring and the rest is amazing. But not your women. Not at all. It makes me wanna cry. In horror. Because this is terrifying.
WhiteMaskP's avatar
Then shut the hell out, even if you draw like Kuvshinov Ilya or Miguel Angel (Wich obviously is not the case, you're art skills sucks really hard that i will call you someday to unclog my toilet occasionally) you can't say that to anybody just because you're jelaous that you will NEVER draw like that i mean, lets be, serious, i will kill myself if i draw like that:
Kosef Kulenov By Elvingearmaster-dbapd33 by WhiteMaskP  
AND ITS FROM 2017 you've been drawing for a long more time than me and you haven't improve at all, i'm only one year older and my fast headshots are like this:
22657489 1523389321083785 1565097471 N by WhiteMaskP  
And i'm not even hard trying!, AND MOST IMPORTANT, i don't mess with other people just because i suck.... Welp you're the exception cause you are a horrible person :] so it's ok
ElvinGearMaster's avatar
First of all, I checked your gallery and all I could find was this:…
I swear, if you stole another artist's picture just so you could try and prove you're "better" than me, we're going to have issues. 
Second of all, if you need to do that? You honestly are not a good person and/or most likely a good artist, missy, it just makes you a pathetic sad person.
Not to mention the "I'd kill myself," comment you threw around. Is making fun of such a serious problem fun for you? Tch.

If me giving needed, valid critique on an actual problem he has makes me jealous or a bad person, then so be it. And no, it's not a style for him, or else his men would also have broken play doh bodies, stupid "sexy" faces along with same face syndrome, not just the women. Oh and the whitewashing and objetifying, do I even need to mention those?
And if your reaction to needed critique is Oh this person has a stick up their ass, I suggest you stay away from art schools, or that you toughen up and get used to critique. You know why? Because it's needed and the only true way to improve.

And yes, my digital art is lacking, there is no doubt about that. My recent graphite works are much better, but something tells me you didn't choose them in your odd litle crusade to tear me down. Or whatever the hell you're trying to do.
While we're on that, why are you doing this in anyways? Is it because you like his work?
If so, anything you like is not above critique, nothing. Everything you make or put out there has fualts and someone will come along and comment on those or rip it to shreds.

"AND MOST IMPORTANT, i don't mess with other people just because i suck.... Welp you're the exception cause you are a horrible person :] so it's ok"
This is where I have to try and work out if you're being serious or if you're just a stupid troll who needs a hobby. Please read your comments for fucks sakes.

You're seventeen yes? How about you start to try and act like a grownup seventeen year old rather than a cringey 13 year old who feels the need to try and prove she's better than everyone else. Grow up.
You're not impressing anyone. In fact, you're making me worry for you.
WhiteMaskP's avatar
Of course you've only find that, i don't save my drawings on dA (Btw the drawings are from a game made by , that's just a banner with the good resolution that dA can give you) And don't worry, that's my drawing, also, i'm not a good person with people like you, and if that makes me a pathetic person then i don't know what you are by telling other people artworks that they have a "poor melted body, broken arms and her rubber stretched and broken spine" when they don't ask for your opinion or at least don't being an ass and give a constructive criticism.

Oh boy, i get it now, you are a social justice warrior xDDDDDDDDDD everything make sense now.

Uh, no you're just being an asshole, and what if he draws like that? that's his art style, and he likes to draw womens, even his description say that
You Sure It S A Good Idea  By Amethyst Ocean-dbhtc by WhiteMaskP  
The human body is art, why don't sexualize it?? And you haven't see another of his artworks? the dude has an amazing talent for drawing. What if he had the "same face syndrome". You have the "ugly ass fuck drawing syndrome", that's worst, and no, he doesn't need insults at his art charged with prepotence and jealousness to improve, he is already a professional artist, not like you, and also, i don't need to be in an art school to be such as good as i am, i learn it by myself

You mean this poorly bad cow skeleton drawing?
Ruler Of The Underworld By Elvingearmaster-dbowjhj by WhiteMaskP  
Welp i'm doing it cause you're being a cunt with him, and if you don't like to pple mess with you and your art, then don't do the same, people DO need criticism and advice to improve, but coming by real artists, not by you and your prepotence cause you draw like if you stick a pencil on your ass

And for both reasons, drawing it's my hobby, also messing with SJW, and i'm really good at both

Dude, you're a 16 years old girl that tells to people that his art "makes me wanna cry. In horror. Because this is terrifying." or that they need a "chyropractor and a licensed surgeon to fix her poor melted body, broken arms and her rubber stretched and broken spine." Really? and i'm the cringey?

You do not need to worry about me, better worry about yourself cause xDDD you are a really inmature person. 
ElvinGearMaster's avatar
As you pegged me as a SJW, I realise you really don't want to listen and that I was wasting my time. I would have better luck talking to a wall.

My point still stands however. His women are broken, his anatomy is non-existent, there are harsh social repercussions for hiring him.
Perhaps you will realise this, perhaps never. But it's truly not my problem. My only worry here is, is you wasting someone else's valuable time and actually you rubbing off on them. It would be a sad day. But at least you've been good for flexing my brain.

I am going to block you, as I do not want to be harassed and you are obviously the kind of asshole, judging from your replies to my comment, to repeatedly harass someone until they either buckle or leave.
I'd say good day, but the most I'll manage without wanting to grimace is, good luck in your art. From one artist to another. And may your anatomy be better than J. Scot. Campbell's poor broken "women".
WhiteMaskP's avatar
bitch you draw like this
  Katarina By Elvingearmaster-d8radum by WhiteMaskP
ElvinGearMaster's avatar
Thank you for noticing that I do have a better grasp on anatomy and did even two years ago at the age of fourteen. That is extremely kind of you. Have a good day random person! ^w^
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Holy molly! Nice work!
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My admiration for you! Amazing work!
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Someone is using your mermaid for a coloring book on Amazon! Look at the sample pages customers put up from the book here.…
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My god, the lighting and color on the dude's face is pretty stunning. 
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