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The erasers I like to use. Since going straight to Digital Inks or "D'inks", I'd be dead in the water without my Sakura electric eraser especially. I'll often sharpen the eraser to a cornered edge against a table or rulers edge before attempting fine detailed work.
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Mar 10, 2005, 3:03:30 PM
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MarkLinenFan's avatar
Hehe, magic rub.
AndreaTamme's avatar
Electric eraser for the win! xD
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Opinions stated as facts are still opinions... anytime we have a bias it is better to ask questions to have a more educated decision... and our minds should never be made up... Mr. Campbell what do you see as the advantages of D inks?? Disadvantages?? Thanks
Redde67's avatar
Digital inks sucks! Campbell in traditition materials the best!
SEED677's avatar
cool i never seen anything like the one on the bottem. i have the magic rub. i lov it alot but pricy from where i am since i never buy anything over the net. :( dont trust Cards or the net.

but im moving to computer to do my line work and maby try coloring for once. but i have no idea where to even get started. :(
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I can never find those eraser sticks or the electric eraser :< But I have a different electric eraser which I like a lot, but the refills only have 10 per pack =3=
OathkeeperEmi's avatar
I use the same eraser pencil~
Archonyto's avatar
Magic Rub are amazing. I managed to find a lot of over 30 for less than 10 bucks including shipping years ago. They were all misprints, but I don't care about the text being all over the place. :)
JinnyMcG's avatar
I can't see read the brand on the middle picture; I've never seen an eraser like that before, so now, naturally, I want one.

Sabhira's avatar
The brand is Tuff Stuff.
JinnyMcG's avatar
Ah, thanks! Looks like they sell them on the dickblick website.
TakahashiDemon's avatar
Im interested in those pen erasers, where is it possible to get those? (online, no shops near me do them as I have looked)
Sabhira's avatar
BLS-SDMF's avatar
Man...i really hate using those magic rub erasers, they don't erase that good. I use the staedtler erasers, good stuff.
Pscientifik's avatar
Heya, been wonder when you coming to an Atlanta comic con, would love to meet you in person. I need you as a master artist, so i can be your understudy.
x-Myth-x's avatar
o0o0o!! an easer pen thingy! why didn't I think of one of those?! I've never seen those before. Where do you get them? o-o *so nooby*
NewRavenHoshi's avatar
I had one of those once......My dog ate it.. and I've been sad ever since u_u
weaselton's avatar
I live by that Tuff Stuff eraser pen.
anthonybaiz's avatar
HECK YEA, MAN. Bust up with the Electric eraser. It's so usefull
wrathofthetyrant's avatar
Been using Magic rub erasures for 14 years now & they rock! But how much are those electric erasers? Been wanting to get my grubby hands on one for awhile! lol BTW Mr. Campbell, your Art has been Rockin since the days of GEN-13! Keep up the awesomeness! :-)
JLCook's avatar
The Sakura Electric Eraser goes for about $50. I know that's spendy but I've used the cheaper Helix (about $15) and they just stink. I've seen higher end electric erasers that are just not as good as the Sakura. It's light weight, fits nicely in your hand and the Spin is so fast that you get a clean erase quickly. You can purchase it here at Dick Blick:


Along with eraser refills.
Ezram's avatar
You guys want to hear something funny? I bought Magic Rub erasers based on this image alone.

On a related note, I hear Staedler makes great erasers.
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