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Cinderella's Enchanted Wardrobe Malfunction

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"Cinderella" from Fairy Tale Fantasies 2012

One of the earliest ideas that I had for this year's calendar, perfectly executed by Nei and her remarkable colors! I couldn't be happier with the results! And I love her skin tones on this one, I mean... Look at those legs!!

Featured in the NEW FairyTale Fantasies calendar 2012 !

Full YouTube Preview HERE!:

Collaborating once again with the talented dark princess of coloring Nei :iconbakanekonei: Ruffino and her glass stylus, and stunningly designed by "JG" Roshell and Comicraft [link] , 12 brand new months of pretty princesses and foxy fairytales!

12 Month Poster-Size calendar Available for Purchase HERE!:


Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Print available HERE:


And ORIGINAL line-art of this piece for sale HERE:


My part, PITT pens on 11x17" bristol board. Yep, inked by me!

More from Fairy Tale Fantasies 2012 HERE:

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Looks like the guards get the best sight :)

Eclecticist16's avatar

Makes you wonder if the fairy godmother who designed the outfit didn't have a bit of a bi streak, eh?

Darek-Page's avatar
Love the vanishing effect you did, really well done
Eternal-Shadow-S's avatar
Good thing there were no guards at the doors or gates, allowing her to easily escape. XD
TheLucky38's avatar
Magic is a bitch, isn't it? XD
Myq-Annon's avatar
Uh..I don't think she's gonna make it.
NonieR's avatar
Yeah, but the prince going around the city demanding to examine all the women's butts may cause a bit of a stir.

(Yes, even besides the one in his pants.)
Maria-Itla's avatar
Niggas not even chasing after her
TomboyJanet's avatar
yikes though she'd be sexier with the updo. im not too much a fan of this hairstyle. but if i were her i'd be really pised
ShadowDoctrine's avatar
Beautifully done artistry!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Pretty Awesome Work! This is so Amazing! go and keep drawing a lot more stuff like this ok?
RBeaton14's avatar
Welp...at least she doesn't need to run with a dress on. That's risky shit in its own right.
Nategold0410's avatar
LOL!  Great idea, wonderful execution!
tattooedzombi's avatar
beautifful job grats ^^
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
And this is why you don't wear enchanted clothing. :XD: Clothing based on real material is always safer! :XD:
FlyingPrincess's avatar
Tell that to Cinderella and Elsa.
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Knowing the internet, I'm sure Elsa's found herself in a porno where her dress melted. :hmm: :XD:
But really, though, Elsa is safe because she built her enchantment straight on top of a real dress, so she's fine, right? :D :slow: :snowflake:
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VampiresaQueen's avatar
Utterly gorgeous! :)
colin6969's avatar
Great work on this piece !!
martiusares's avatar
To think of the sexy aspects of that moment... and capture it... it's like Marilyn in the air vent, just as epic. Genius, man!!
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