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Black Widow print

BACK STORY:Earlier this year I was invited to attend the HEROES show in Charlotte NC. And before attending the show, I was very flattered when I was asked by Shelton Drum, the show organizer, to draw a program cover for the Con. He had just come back from seeing IRON MAN 2 and suggested that a drawing of Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of the Black Widow would look killer! I agreed, and well... that's how this artwork came to be! It's been since turned into an official Black Widow cover for Marvel, and also into a limited edition signed Print by ME!, Available HERE:


The PROCESS:I penciled and inked this piece using mostly PITT artist pens on a toothy bristol board so that I could later get this textured surface to her outfit using essentially a "black crayon"! I didn't want to do the typical "shiny leather" on this outfit since it appeared that this costume had much more of a matte finish in the film. I remembered seeing Adam Hughes do a similar effect years ago when I was fortunate to share a studio space with him and it stayed with me. I was rather pleased with how it came out!

Detailed INKS here:

COLOR: I was also beyond flattered and honored to have the legendary illustrator Brian Stelfreeze color this piece! And it came out BEAUTIFUL! Brian has been an elder statesman over at the very well known Gaijin Studios for some time and has influenced many, many artists, including teaching Adam Hughes to paint! Super awesome and talented guy! Here's a link to his art blog!:

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The face is off, but the rest looks spot-on.
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Do you sell coloring books????? 🤩
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It's a remarkable picture and it is pretty life-like to Scarlett herself. You do remarkable work.
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OMG This is Awesome! 
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Really does look like scarlet johanson xxx
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Love the style
Here is a quote from Carl Reiner from the film Carl Reiner as Saul Bloom in "Ocean's 11 (2001)"

I can't say it, as here it is and I love this pic…
:D (Big Grin) :iconmarvelplz:
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Just great Campbell art! Wonderfully sexy Nat.:D (Big Grin) La la la la Love 
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She's one of my favorite Iron Man/Avengers characters.
I had to prove that I could amount to something this picked me up when I was down this put me back in the swing of things I figured I should share the wealth
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I am my own boss try it out for yourself
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Just got my signed print in the mail from you!! I love it, looks great in the man cave. Now if I could just track down one of the iconic Amazing Spider-Man 601 signed prints, (best cover ever done..period IMHO) my J Scott Campbell collection would be complete.... ....well, until you blow my mind
Amazing coloring & details! :D
I'll admit, it bugged me when I realized that she has make-up on, even though she clearly doesn't in the original inked paper. But then, I remembered: In the movie, she changed from her dress after running from the trade show she attended with Pepper-- of course, she'd have make-up on!
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