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Beauty and the BEAST 2011

Fairy Tale Fantasies 2011 calendar A follow-up to last year's 2010 calendar:

Collaborating once again with the incredible Mistress of Color :iconbakanekonei: and stunningly designed by "JG" Roshell and Comicraft, 12 brand new months of pretty princesses and foxy fairytales!

Calendar available for purchase HERE!:


(While supplies last!)

Signed PRINT Available HERE!:


My part, PITT pens on 11x17" bristol board. Yep, inked by me!

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Sorry not sorry. Saw the pig nose and I can't unsee a Ganon/Zelda AU going on here.
TRAVAVIS's avatar

I saw it and thought "MANBEARPIG"

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How many women want an engine of power and privilege at their command?
Heretic1311's avatar
Well, first she might want a warm coat, her wardrobe isn´t really weatherproof...
But when it comes to commanding, such dominance, even if just briefly, can be exciting.
FandomFoodie's avatar
Is that why he's considered so hot by girls of the '90s?  
Heretic1311's avatar
FandomFoodie's avatar
He spoils, he dominates, he changes himself to your will...   And he comes in two forms!  Yeah, that's pretty competitive.  
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You know, in the original fairy tale, the woman named Beauty was more interested in roses than book, didn't mean she was less intelligent let alone imaginative than Belle. The Prince before becoming a Beast had the same passion for roses and compare to Disney's Beast, despite humanity, he was kinder and more good-nature.

Meanwhile, compare to how the beast behaved, it was Belle who let curiosity and imagination from reading too often got the best of her, making herself slightly more childish than she pointed him out.

I think, in the way, what the Disney version is trying to do is show how good-looking people could be so selfish and arrogant and that angry people can be monstrous. And ridiculously, showing it would take a woman(especially a beautiful but stubborn) to turn a grouchy beast of a man into a kind-hearted one. But the real obvious mystery is, what kind of man does it take to mold a kind, smart but child-minded woman into a smarter woman?
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This has to be the most pretentious comment I've ever seen on deviantART.  Dear God dude, get a grip, it's just artwork.
Shellquake's avatar
I understand. I wasn't trying to ruin the humor or spiteful your creativity, but i can't help but state a couple of realistic facts. But really, this is exactly one of many things in real-life that Disney, and other films are reflecting on. 

But I understand how you look at things like this. It was just a matter of opinion. Sorry.
blewbyboy's avatar
It's alright, but it came across as rude, hun.  ; w ;
Shellquake's avatar
Forgive me, then?
TheSevenfoldSerpent's avatar
This can also be called Beauty and the Beastiality.
Luisck's avatar
I have no words! Wonderful art. Dean Approves ~ free to use! 
Shellquake's avatar
I got one of my own. PATHETIC!
GabiTheWeeb's avatar
You are so petty XD
Shellquake's avatar
Petty!?! I said I was sorry.
GabiTheWeeb's avatar
Not anywhere does it say sorry.
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that is one of my favorite pictures of all time
Sweetly-Poisoned's avatar
interesting way of showing the beast!
Festivaali's avatar
Beauty and the beast
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