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AVATAR comic book art

I was approached earlier this year to put a test piece together in an effort to attract the license to produce comic-books based on James Cameron's AVATAR. Nothing really came of it, except for this neat pice of art!

I found it to be quite challenging capturing Neytiri's likeness in line-art alone. Especially with the headgear she wears while riding her flying banshee, which I also found to be very difficult to draw. Having seen the film now as many times as I have, I think I'd do an even better job if I had to do it again. I have drawn Neytiri since and felt that I captured her "essence" even better in this colored paper sketch, linked below!

Original art is VERY large, 17x24", pencil only. The stripes were done as an overlay. Digitally inked. Colored by the Na'vi princess herself :iconbakanekonei:

A note about "boobies": For those who might suggest that her "boobs" appear to be be too large, I believe upon closer inspection, you'll in fact see that it's a bit of an optical illusion created by her swinging bandolier strap.

ClOSE-UP detail HERE:

And more Neytiri:

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It serves the piece justice with its clean style and vibrant colors. Nice job!
gunawanistiadi1278's avatar
Absolutely perfect art
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One of the absolute best films ever, love this art!
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Avatar is like, my favorite movie. Like I can die happy now omg thanks
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Epic, looks very dynamic! Great job with details and colors!
TheToonATic's avatar
The creature's face detail has got to be my favorite part of this piece.
The CG and the rendering of such a fantastic scene is beyond draw dropping.
JohnADuggan's avatar
this is awesome! great color work here.
LRaphaelC's avatar
I am in awe, truly splendid artwork
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Feel the magic of Pandora !!
deeclear's avatar
I love this. The movie is awesome and this drawing and ink is incredible!!!
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one of the best pics dat i have seen!!!:D
SherlockWolf97's avatar
Stunning. I am...completely speechless. You have incredible talent!
EstebanAVTRBoy's avatar
WOW!! I love it!! Pretty cool!! :D
DeadHeartMare's avatar
All I can say is I LOVE you J Scott Cambell!!! I've been a fan since Danger Girls #1 and THIS.. I would have done as a full back tat if I could! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS! We have picked your artwork titled "AVATAR COMIC BOOK ART" as our FEATURED ART OF THE WEEK. :D

:clap: :winner: :w00t:
x-X-x-Lizard-x-X-x's avatar
....This is amazing, but I can't help noticing her breasts seem to have grown? Haha
Wade-Comics's avatar
This is some new flavour of awesome, love it
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AVATAR ROCKS, I CAN'T WAIT FO RTHE 2ND AND 3RD MOVIES (do you think they'll beat the first?)
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Congratulation for your "divine" work....
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