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Siege Mode Tardis printable kit 8.5 x 11

By J-Mobius
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this is a printable Siege mode Tardis. 8.5 x 11" version, for standard paper so intelligent beings who are so inclined can print it out at home, glue it onto some cardboard or foam core and make your own life sized, 3" square, siege mode Tardis! hoorah. the linework is the intellectual property of the BBC, the colour is my work, I sampled colours from a still photo from the episode of Doctor Who in which the Tardis shrinks down to a small cube in self-defense, and created a digital colour painting behind them to match, as best as I could.  This is a non-profit endeavour, with no intent to infringe anyone's copyright. the BBC did allow people to print the black and white linework out for themselves, it is still available as of this date, here:…
I probably should have just posted this version first, but there we are. d:
if you have a printer that can handle 11 x 17" paper, use this version:… and you won't have to cut and re-attach any bits. I might also suggest first using a glue stick to attach your print out to cardstock, and then using an x-acto or similar craft knife to carefully cut it out, score the lines to be folded and fold the bugger. glue it up, you'll figure something out, you're clever. someone has threatened to glue this image to a Rubik's cube, a masochist I suppose. that'll be tricky to solve! I will probably just make a cube of wood because I have a workshop and lots of wood. I'll post the results. if you like Tardises, check back here as soon I'll be posting photos of my full sized non-siege-mode call box Tardis! woo! 

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